Alabama Auburn University is planning to construct a new poultry research facility at the Charles C. Miller Jr. Poultry Research and Education Center. Sited on a 30-acre site in Auburn, the project includes construction of 80,000 sq ft of building space for poultry houses, a hatchery, a processing plant, a battery house, a necropsy laboratory, and cage, aviary, chamber and breeder facilities. The project also includes the purchase and installation of setters, incubators, hatcher trays, conveyors and feed storage, as well as equipment for a wet laboratory, humidity and air-flow control, inoculation, cleaning, sanitizing, slaughtering, cutting, deboning and packaging. The university expects to issue a request for proposals for construction services in the fourth quarter of 2018. Auburn University, 1161 West Samford Ave., Auburn, 36849. IR#AL171211.

California Maas Energy Works Inc. is planning to construct a biogas pipeline system, the Lakeside Pipeline, and a biogas processing system on a 3.3-acre site in Kings County. The project scope includes construction of equipment foundations, purchase of 35 miles of pipe, and clearing, grading, trenching, pipe stringing, welding, coating, backfilling, testing and restoration. The project scope also includes the purchase and installation of equipment for gas purification, compression, pressure regulating and metering. Construction is expected to begin in the second or third quarter of 2018. The company will use the pipeline to collect, process and transport methane to the Southern California Gas Co.’s pipeline system from 18 local dairy operations. Maas Energy Works Inc., 3711 Meadow View Dr., Redding, 96002. IR#CA171218.

Louisiana-Illinois Marathon Pipe Line LLC, a unit of Marathon Petroleum Corp., is considering reversing the flow of crude oil on its 40-in.-dia Capline pipeline, which runs from St. James, La., to Patoka, Ill. The project scope includes modification to the existing pipeline and pump stations; and purchase and installation of centrifugal pumps, motors, switchgear, and flow-control and metering equipment and systems. The project is set to have a throughput capacity of 300,000 barrels of oil per day. Marathon Petroleum Corp., 539 South Main St., Findlay, Ohio 45840. IR#LA171209.

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