Antalya Expo 2016 Tower
Antalya, Turkey
Best Project

Owner EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency
Lead Design Firm Nita Mimarlik
Contractor TACA Construction Co.
Project Manager TAGroup Inc.
Civil Engineer Arti & Koba
Structural Engineer Tapi Statik, Thornton Tomasetti (consultant)
MEP Engineer TSO Engineering Co.
Geotechnical Engineer Langan Engineering
Heavy Lifting VSL

Built in less than 11 months for the World Botanic Expo 2016 in Antalya, Turkey, the 114-meter-tall Antalya viewing tower will continue to serve visitors long after the event, offering panoramic views of mountain, valley and sea. The construction and engineering team collaborated on a winning RFP response that proposed meeting the very tight schedule through the use of innovative construction techniques.

Contractor TACA Construction Co. worked with lead designer Nita Mimarlik and lead structural engineer Tapi Statik, all Turkish firms, to revise the initial design, which assumed traditional construction processes. The rebar configuration of the concrete core was redesigned to allow for continuous slipform casting, without the need for scaffolding. The initial design also required the core-wall thickness to shift from 1.4 m to 0.3 m in eight variations; the redesign reduced that amount to three variations to enable continuous, 24/7 slipforming.

The 1,400-ton, four-level steel-and-glass observation platform was constructed to 100% fit-out, including glass facade, interior finishes, and mechanical and electrical systems, at the ground level and, using cables, hoisted to the top for commissioning in time for the expo’s April 2016 opening.

The submitter claims the construction was accomplished with no reportable safety incidents. The project goal of a “zero punchlist” also was met through the production of a project-specific quality-control manual, weekly quality and craftsmanship “toolbox” sessions for the construction team, and off-site prefabrication of many components in controlled, safe environments.

In addition to the tower itself, the project is expected to leave another lasting legacy in the training and experiences gained by the workforce in the construction methods used, the standards of craftsmanship attained, and the experience of working under the safe-construction initiatives and culture emphasized on the job.

Throughout construction, TACA provided eight full-time safety managers, one doctor, two nurses, two paramedics and two safety engineers. Further, the Turkish Climbing and Mountaineering Association provided training for working at high altitudes to 367 field staff.

The safety standards were “well above” what are typically found on construction projects in Turkey, say the submitters, noting that the TACA-provided personal protective equipment—worn by 100% of the site workers and staff—was well beyond local practice. “This was appreciated, and there never was a question about the safety of the workers. As these workers move to their next project, they have been better trained and will continue to be demanding of safe working conditions,” the submission states. “In Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries, this is extremely important, as safety must always be the No. 1 concern.”

One judge declared that the team “pulled off a home run. … Technically, a brilliant execution.”

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