Overriding a gubernatorial veto, the South Carolina Legislature has enacted the state’s first gas-tax increase in 30 years. Beginning July 1, 2017, South Carolina’s gas tax will rise by 2¢ a year for six years, adding a total of 12¢ to the current rate of 16.75¢ per gallon. The increase is expected to generate more than $600 million in additional revenue for road construction annually at full phase-in. Vehicle sales taxes and registration fees will also rise, while state residents will be eligible for offsetting tax rebates and other credits. Gov. Henry McMaster (R) vetoed the legislation on May 9, asserting that a gas tax increase should be used only as a last resort for road funding. Both houses of the state Legislature overrode the veto by substantial margins the following day. In 2016, the South Carolina Dept. of Transportation rated only 19 percent of the state’s primary roads as being in “good condition.”