Plier Wrenches: Longer Length

Snap-On has introduced six new plier wrenches ranging from 83⁄16 in. to 413⁄4 in. in length. The pipe wrenches are designed with larger teeth at the front, with smaller teeth at the back, to ensure a stronger grip. The wrenches’ length allows them to be used on hard-to-reach components when servicing heavy equipment during fleet maintenance. Snap-On Industrial; 

Cordless Fastener: Less Vibration and Noise

The M18 FUEL SURGE 1⁄4-in. Hex Hydraulic Driver features a redesigned power train with less metal-on-metal contact than earlier designs, reducing vibration and noise levels during use. The tool is quiet enough to be used for a full eight-hour day while falling below the OSHA requirement for hearing protection. The fastener can deliver 450 in.-lb of sustained torque for a smoother operation. Milwaukee Tool Co.;

Excavator: Zero-Tail-Swing Design

The PC138USLC-11 Excavator has a Tier 4 Final engine that boasts 4% improved fuel consumption over the previous model. A 7,630-lb counterweight provides adequate lift capacity despite the excavator’s zero-tail-swing design. The cab door swings with the same radius as the counterweight, allowing the excavator to be used in tight spaces such as road projects. Komatsu America Corp.;

Digger Derrick Tool: Digs Holes as Well as a Full Auger Attachment

The Terex Stand-Alone Core Barrel can dig small holes for utility installations as well as a full auger attachment. The core barrel fits onto a digger derrick’s standard Kelly bar and can be easily stowed on the derrick. It can drill through hard soils as well as softer rock, such as limestone. An optional pilot bit can be attached for digging deep holes at ground level. The core barrel’s tooth pattern allows for plugs to be removed simply by ratcheting the tool, with no need for workers to manually remove each plug. Terex Utilities;

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