Zero-Swing Excavator: Step-Down Travel Motors

The TB153FR is a 12,450-lb model that has many of the same features as its predecessor, the TB53FR. It combines the advantages of a zero-tail swing excavator with a side-to-side offset boom system that allows the operator to work in confined areas. The TB153FR improves upon the prior model with the addition of step-down travel motors that automatically shift from high to low-speed travel when the machine is turning or ascending a steep grade. With this feature, the operator no longer has to manually shift the travel speeds as ground conditions change. Takeuchi Mfg. (U.S.) Ltd.; 770-831-0661;

Insulated Concrete Block: Energy Efficient

A patented insulated concrete block for building construction projects offers energy savings of up to 30%. The Omni Block system creates a sealed external wall system that does not require any sheathing, vapor wrap, siding, furring strips, additional insulation or drywall, according to the manufacturer. Omni Block Group LLC; 866-740-6664;

Laser Distance Meter: With Built-In Bluetooth TM Technology

The new DISTOTM A6 handheld laser distance measuring tool offers built-in Bluetooth TM technology for wireless transfer of measurement data from the laser distance finder to a pocket PC or laptop on the job. DISTO A6 comes with free software that allows data to be exported directly from the handheld instrument into programs like Excel, Word or AutoCAD. It takes measurements within 1⁄16 in. at ranges up to 650 ft and up to 325 ft without the use of a target plate. Leica Geosystems; 770-326-9500;

Compact Utility Loaders: Streamline Pond Building

Featuring simple controls and more than 35 quick-change attachment capabilities, the Dingo compact utility loaders are equipped to handle all steps in the pond-building process, including material hauling, pond digging and landscaping. These tracked and wheeled loaders provide full ground engagement in all conditions for optimum digging power, yet have a light footprint that minimizes damage to existing surfaces, the maker says. Because of their zero-radius turning ability and narrow widths the units can maneuver through gate or fence openings. Their compact design also provides users with 360˚ visibility. Toro Dingo; 800-344-8676;

Mini Skid: Integrated Track System

Manufacturer introduces its newly redesigned Boxer 526DX, an update of its popular Boxer TD-327 model. The 526DX unit features an integrated track system that retracts from a fully extended 43.5 in. to a width of 35 in. and is easily controlled by a joystick lever on the control panel, the company says. Power is provided by a 26.1-hp Perkins liquid-cooled diesel engine. Compact Power Inc.; 800-476-9673;