Infrared Camera: Portable Thermal Imaging

The RevealPRO thermal imaging camera is a compact infrared sensor that can be used to monitor curing concrete or in HVAC applications. The camera has a 320- by 240-pixel display with a refresh rate fast enough for nearly real-time imaging. The sensor has a 32° field of view with a minimum focus distance of 6 in. The camera has 4GB of onboard image storage, which is transferrable by USB, and boasts four hours of continuous runtime before it needs to be recharged. Seek Thermal; 

Flat-Top Tower Crane: Improved Lift Charts

The CM1600 Series of flat-top tower cranes includes four models in maximum capacities ranging from 10 to 12 metric tons. Two models available on the market today feature jib lengths of 65 meters, with the two other models due later this year to feature 70-m jibs. All four models feature “power lift,” which enhances jib-end lifting capacities when engaged. Linden Comansa;

Anchor Drive: High Torque for Helical Piling

The Digga MM-10K Anchor Drive is designed to work with compact equipment, including skid-steers, mini loaders and compact excavators. Capable of maximum theoretical torque output of 10,378 ft-lb, the anchor drive can be used in most helical piling applications. The drive can work on auxiliary hydraulic flows of up to 18.5 gpm, allowing it to be used on a wide range of compact equipment. Digga North America;

Robotic Total Station: Lightweight Design

Sokkia’s iX Series of Robotic Total Stations can take measurements of up to 800 meters without a reflector or 6,000 m with a reflector. The total stations require only a single operator to perform measurements and are a third lighter and smaller than earlier Sokkia models. The system’s software is designed on an open platform, allowing it to work with nonproprietary software and controllers. Sokkia;

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