Crane Hook Camera: 360° Rotation

The HC140 has a smaller profile than earlier Hoist Cam models, reducing the chance of damage or obstruction when it is mounted to a crane’s block. The wireless camera system provides a clear view of the load from the crane’s block, allowing operators to better position the hook during loading. The lens features 360° rotation and can be repositioned to maintain a clear view of the load during lifts. Netarus;

Asphalt Compactor: Single Plate Design

The BVP 12/50 single-directional plate compactor is designed specifically for asphalt compaction. The compactor weighs 150 lb and has a single lifting point for quick transport around the jobsite. It has a working rate of up to 82 ft per minute and can be maneuvered around obstructions and corners on the site. A sprinkler system with a 1.8-gallon water tank keeps asphalt material from sticking to the base plate and adds only 9 lb to the compactor’s weight. BOMAG Americas;

Boom Lift: Reaches Up and Over

The X1000AJ compact crawler boom has a working height of 105 ft and a maximum platform capacity of 500 lb. It has an up-and-over reach of 56 ft and a horizontal reach of 54 ft. The boom has electronic controls for simultaneous movement of different sections, and it includes a go-home function to return to its stored position. The boom is narrow enough to travel through a standard double doorway and is only 22 ft long, which can be reduced to 20 ft if the platform is removed. It is powered by a diesel engine, which can be replaced with a lithium-ion battery system for use indoors. JLG Industries;

Concrete Placement: Versatile Vibrator Kit

The Stinger flex-shaft concrete vibration kit is available in 115V and 230V versions, delivering speeds ranging from 11,000 to 13,000 vibrations per minute. Able to accept Minnich heads from 3⁄4 in. to 21⁄2 in., the Stinger weighs only 12.9 lb for easy transport around the jobsite. It is mounted in a durable protective frame with urethane end caps to reduce the chance of damage to the concrete vibrator. Minnich Manufacturing;