Hybrid Boom Lift: Able To Work Indoors and Outdoors

The Genie Z-60/37FE boom lift can run off electric power or in a hybrid diesel-electric mode. When operating in “full electric” configuration, the boom creates no emissions and can be safely used indoors for a full day on a single charge. The diesel-electric hybrid setting allows the lift to operate for a full week on a single tank of diesel. The lift has a maximum working height of 66 ft, with 36 ft of horizontal reach and 24 ft of up-and-over clearance. The platform has a maximum payload capacity of 500 lb. Lift controls allow for the boom to be moved from full height to below grade with a single control. Genie, a Terex brand; www.genielift.com 

All-Terrain Crane: Adaptable for On-Road Travel

The Grove GMK4100L-1 is a 100-ton all-terrain crane that is designed around over-the-road transportability. In transport mode, it has a load of less than 12 tons per axle and a travel counterweight of 6.7 tons. When using the 26.2-ton maximum counterweight, the GMK4100L-1 boasts a 6.9% improved load chart over the earlier GMK4100L model crane’s. When the counterweight is fully removed, the GMK4100L-1 has the lowest gross vehicle weight of any 100-ton, 60-meter-boom crane, according to the manufacturer. Manitowoc Cranes; www.manitowoc.com

Cordless Rebar Cutter: Adjustable Cutting Head

The Makita 18V Cordless Rebar Cutter has a cutting capacity of up to 3⁄4 in. and is able to cut up to grade-60 No. 6 rebar. The cutting head can rotate 360° to cut rebar at odd angles. The spark-free cutting cycle takes only 6.5 seconds. With the battery, the tool weighs just 24.3 lb. The tool is capable of making 300 cuts of No. 3 3⁄8-in. rebar and up to 75 cuts in No. 6 3⁄4-in. rebar on a single battery charge. The cutting blade can make up to 4,000 cuts before needing to be replaced. An adjustable stopper holds the rebar at a 90° angle to the cutting blade, ensuring a smoother cut. Makita; www.makitatools.com

Utility Locator: ‘Google Earth’ Integration

The 2550GR Utility Locator is a ground-penetrating radar system that works on soil, pavement and other surfaces. The tool can locate metallic and non-metallic materials at depths of up to 19.7 ft on a single pass, depending on soil conditions and antennae selection. With an interface that has full GPS and wireless connectivity, the tool can download maps from Google Earth for reference during operation. A single button recalibrates the tool for use on different surfaces.  Subsite Electronics; www.subsite.com

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