Handheld Saw
Cuts Virtually Dust-Free
Designed for a wide range of applications and installations, the new Arbortech AS160 brick and mortar saw features a powerful 900-watt motor. It uses a unique patented orbital cutting motion and two forward cutting blades that combine to perform both a hammering and cutting motion. The AS160 can cut through bricks, mortar, soft stone and wood and still be virtually dust-free. It is the only small, handheld saw that is able to cut to depths of 5 in. (plunge blade) in masonry materials, the maker says. The AS160 is wholly designed and manufactured in Australia. The manufacturer says it will be available in the near future through distributors in the U.S. Arbortech Pty Ltd. +61-8-9249-1944; www.arbortech.com.au

Heating Systems
Snow Melting Solution
This radiant heating system can be used on almost any ground surfaces. The system includes high-quality Nexans cables, a marker plate, a controller and a snow/ice sensor. An aerial-mounted snow sensor switch automatically activates the radiant heating cables to melt snow or ice on driveways, walkways, ramps and more. Orbit Manufacturing Co.; 215/453-9228; www.OrbitMfg.com

Slip-On Pipe Fitting
Added Support
Made of high-grade aluminum silicon magnesium, this aluminum slip-on pipe fittting, model L70, is designed to carry handrails along walls or to affix structures to back walls. It also can be used to attach toe boards to the base of guardrail uprights. The new sleek L70 model is available to fit standard Schedule 40 pipe in 11�4 in. and 11�2 in. dia and can be powder-coated in a wide range of colors. Kee Industrial Products Inc.; 800/851-5181; www.KeeLite.com

Wireless Remote
The new RT-5SW long-range, dual-slope laser addition retains all of the primary benefits of the RT-5S series. In addition to its SmartLine automatic guide alignment system, the new model includes an automatic grade-matching feature. Both of these make setting up the laser faster and more accurate, says the manufacturer. The RT-5SW also features a remote control that enables operation from distances up to 1,000 ft. Topcon Positioning Systems Inc.; 925/245-8300; www .topconpositioning.com

Plate Compactors
New Anti-Vibration Handlde System
The MVC-80 series includes four vibratory plate compactors that range in weight from 177 to 180 lb. Due to a new anti-vibration handle system, these compactors feature 50% less vibration when compared to preceding models. With centrifugal force of 2,925 lb, the MVC-80 models are suited for compacting granular soils and asphalt. At maximum speed, the units can compact up to 72 ft of material per minute. The forward plate compactors are offered with 5.7-hp Honda and 5.5-hp Robin gasoline engines and have exciter speeds of 5,580 rpm. Multiquip Inc.; 800/421-1244; www.multiquip.com

Backhoe Buckets
Manufacturer introduces five new loader backhoes, rated from 95 to 110 gross hp. They feature turbo-charged 4.5-liter engines and are equipped to handle digging, loading, trenching or pushing jobs. Models B95, B95TC are in the 14-ft size class, and the B95LR, B110 and B115 are in the 15-ft size class. The slim cab pillars, highly sloped hood and narrow boom profile provide the operator with the best view to both the loader and backhoe buckets. New Holland Construction; 866/726-3396; www.newhollandconstruction.com