Live Jobsite Pictures
Keeping Track: Live Jobsite Pictures

The portable web camera can wirelessly send photos to offsite locations, allowing proj­ect members to view live images of a worksite. The wireless connection allows for greater versatility than traditional wired web cameras. The camera is designed for construction sites, and features a rugged design, 10x zoom, autofocus and low-light functions. The one-button operation and quick-change battery are intended to simplify usage.  iBeam Systems; 800-403-0688;

Compact Air Compressor
Compact Air Compressor: Smaller Footprint, Same Power

The XHP1170FCAT is a revision of an earlier air compressor model, packing the same power of the 15-ft, 4-in. original into a 13-ft length. This model has the highest power density per sq ft in the 350-psi range. The compressor provides a free air delivery of 1,170 cu ft per minute.  Ingersoll Rand; 800-247-7378;


Detecting Leaks
Detecting Leaks
Detecting Leaks: Early Warning System

The Leak Defense System monitors water flow in plumbing systems and will sound an alarm if the water flow rate drops below a preset target. The system uses a motor driven ball valve installed on the incoming water line, which is connected to a small touchscreen panel that controls the system. Capable of detecting a flow as low as a cup per hour, the system will shut off the water flow automatically if a leak persists.  Sentinel Hydrosolutions; 866-410-1134;

Redesigned Drum Rollers
Redesigned Drum Rollers
Redesigned Drum Rollers: Easier Access to Engines

The BW213-40 Series of single-drum vibratory rollers feature Tier III-compliant engines and vertically opening engine hoods for quicker access to the engine and hydraulic systems. Models in this series are intended for a variety of site preparation applications, with dual vibration frequencies and amplitudes for different conditions. Other features include improved op­erator line-of-site and an integrated in­strumentation cluster. Anti-slip control systems constantly monitor slip differential between tires and drum to maximize overall traction. BOMAG; 309-853-3571;

Ergonomic Decking Tool
Ergonomic Decking Tool: Stand-Up Design

The DX 860 ENP-L Stand Up Decking Tool does not require any leads or compressors during use, making it easier to handle. The decking tool can fasten metal deck to structured steel at speeds of up to 1,000 fastenings per hour. An extended baseplate improves access and is more resistant to wear.  Hilti; 800-363-4458; www.