Jobsite work lamps: Brighter Outlook
Jobsite Work Lamps: Brighter Outlook
T Allmand Bros. Inc.; 800-562-1373;
Underground Pipe Locator : Highly Portable
Underground Pipe Locator: Highly Portable
TBluetooth integration. Radiodetection Inc.; 207-647-9495;
Floor Scraper: Small Size For Working in Tight Spaces
Floor scraper: Small Size For Working in Tight Spaces
Floor scraper: Small Size For Working in Tight Spaces

The FCS5 Rip-R-Stripper Series is a line of handheld surface preparation tools designed for scraping floor covering in confined spaces. The corded FCS5AC model (far right) has a 1.2-hp motor, operates at 3,000 oscillations per minute, and is powered by a standard 115-Volt power source. The FCDS5DC (near right) is powered by a rechargeable 18-Volt battery and has a cut rate of 2,400 oscillations per minute. Both are designed for removing tile, linoleum, various mastics and rubber-backed carpet. General Equipment Co.; 877-344-4375;

Horizontal Concrete drill: One-Person Operation
Horizontal Concrete drill: One-Person Operation
Horizontal Concrete Drill: One-Person Operation

The Model 110B (left) and 210B-2 (right) are pneumatic, on-grade concrete drills. The units are designed to work on level subgrade, and are suitable for airport work, lane additions and large patchwork jobs. The 210B-2 is designed to drill standard 18-in. depth holes, and can drill a 9-in., 3⁄4-in.-dia. hole in only 15 seconds. The 210B requires 200 cfm of air for power and has an operating footprint of 4 ft. The 110B is capable of drilling holes up to 12-in. deep from 5⁄8 to 2 in. dia. At 170 lb, the smaller 110B requires only 3 ft of work space and 50 cfm of air. E-Z Drill; 800-272-0121;

Pneumatic Saw:Air-Powered Cutting
Pneumatic Saw: Air-Powered Cutting

The CP 0044 is an air-powered saw that features a direct-drive 4-hp motor operating at 4,800 rpm. Requiring only 43 cfm of air, it is intended for cutting asphalt, stone or concrete in hazardous areas where gas-powered tools are prohibited. It is available with 12-in. or 14-in. dia. blades, with a cutting depth of 4 in. It features an integrated oiler to provide lubrication. Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools; 413-746-0020;

he SHO-HD Lighting System is a series of portable light towers designed for jobsites. It features 1,250-Watt lamps that produce 150,000 lumens per lamp. Standard 1,000-Watt lamps are able to generate only 110,000-lumens, and the SHO-HD illuminates 45% more surface area with a whiter light. The lamps are mounted on a “flex” mounting yoke with tip support to help reduce lamp breakage. he R7000 is an underground pipe and cable locator designed for ease-of-use. The unit is lightweight and highly portable, with a backlit LCD screen and an interface based on Centros measurement software. The eCAL feature allows for the operator to validate the factory setting at any time to ensure proper calibration. The more robust R8000 model is intended for heavy usage, and features