Detection Solutions
Detection Solutions: Keeping an Eye on Bacteria and Dissolved Oxygen

A water sample passes through a membrane onto a pre-packaged nutritive media to incubate. Bacteria then are easily identified with a color-coded system that does not require UV lamps or other special equipment. The system has a sensitivity of 1 CFU/100mL. HACH Co.; 800-604-3493;

Wastewater Screening
Wastewater Screening: Contained Design
TIPEC; 604-291-7150;
Solar-assisted Warning light: Durable and Power Efficient
TElgin Molded Plastics; 800-548-5483; www.empco
Self-priming: Elevated Head Pumps
Self-priming: Elevated Head Pumps

The diesel-powered 4 in. by 4 in. CD140M elevated-head pump can handle 3-in. diameter of solids, with total dynamic heads of 280 ft and a flow rate of up to 1,100 gpm. The self-priming pump is able to to prime and reprime when dry. An oil-bath mechanical seal ensures that the pump can run dry without incurring damage, allowing it to function in intermittent flow conditions. Godwin Pumps; 856-467-3636;

Pipe Fittings: Larger Diameters

TecTite pipe fittings are designed for joining copper or CPVC water supply lines in pipe diameters ranging from 11⁄4  in. to 2 in. The pipe is joined just by pushing it into the fitting with no heat, flux or solder. The push-on design allows the fittings to be used to join pipe made of dissimilar materials. TecTite fittings are reusable, and meet numerous plumbing code requirements including those for potable water, chilled water, hydronic heating and graywater systems. They are able to operate in temperatures ranging from 0° to 250° F and pressures of up to 200 psi. Elkhart Products Corp.; 574-264-3181;

he LBOD IntelliCAL Probe (left) measures dissolved oxygen in biochemical oxygen-demand applications. The Probe features an active stirrer for greater accuracy, and calibrates itself in less than one minute. The m-ColiBlue24 (right) is able to detect E.coli in water in only 24 hours. he IFM Series of Internally-Fed Rotary Screens are intended to handle the high flow/low solids contents of municipal sewage systems. Waste influent enters through a headbox and is distributed over a screen surface, while the rotation of the drum allows for continuous screening. Screens can be comprised of wire mesh, wedgewire, perforated plate or combinations. The compact unit has a fully-enclosed stainless-steel design intended to contain vapors. he Empco-Lite Mod­el 2006 Plus employs internal solar panels to trickle charge its four D cell batteries, extending their overall life. A snap-lock top allows easy access to the batteries inside, but will not open during rough handling or transportation. The rugged co-polymer case has a breakaway candle to prevent internal damage. It also features bright LEDs and power-efficient, moisture-proof circuitry.