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Wheel Excavators
Wheel Excavators
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ntended for carriers 3,000 lb to 60,000 lb, the PAC series of plate compactors is able to not only compact soil and construction materials but pound sheet pile into the ground and drive signposts into granular soils. The plate compactor’s oversized eccentric transmits powerful vibrations through the baseplate into the soil, while isolators minimize the vibration transmitted to the carrier’s boom. The tool features fully enclosed bearings that require no greasing, and the baseplate and eccentric housing are integrally mounted, with no bolts to tighten. With an operating pressure of 2,300 psi and maximum back pressure of 100 psi, the plate compactors are available in seven models, including side- and top-mounted versions. he TesCar CF 2.5 drill rig is designed to allow drilling in areas where a normal-sized drill rig cannot fit. At only 4.5 ft wide and 13 ft long, the remotely operated rig features a 360° range of movement and is able to operate on difficult access projects, such as narrow hillsides and uneven or unstable terrain. The 8-ton rig has a maximum drilling diameter of about 2 ft and a depth of almost 50 ft, with 19,536 ft-lb of torque. The rig also features rubber tracks to avoid damaging roadways, a removable exhaust-free powerpack for indoor use and a swing mast that compresses to 7 ft for low-ceiling operations. he Hilti PD 40 and 42 Laser Range Meters are capable of taking distance measurements from 2 in. to up to 650 ft with an accuracy of 0.25 in. Able to take take area and volume measurements in hard-to-reach places and vertical configurations, the meter also comes with an optional extension stick for increased comfort and stability. Memory functions allow for the storage of up to 30 previous measurements, addition and subtraction of areas and volumes, pythagorean functions and a timer function. Features include a vertical and horizontal bubble level and a built-in optical sight for when the laser is difficult to sight. Both meters have a rubber coating and durable housing to prevent damage. he Aqua Cutter HVD/HVE crawler-mounted hydrodemolition robot uses a high-pressure water nozzle to cut through concrete cleanly. Operated either by remote control or wired connection, the robot is able to perform horizontal, vertical and up to 6-meter overhead operations. The water jet nozzle is able to cut up to 1 m into concrete as needed, with a maximum width of 4 mm and an oscillation system that can adjust the angle of attack 30 degrees to either side for for more precise demolition. Sensors and electrical cables are kept away from the front of the machine to avoid water, grease and dust thanks to the robot’s Intelligent Sensing Control system. The variable-width chassis allows the robot to fit through tight spaces such as doorways and footbridges.  atipillar’s D-Series of wheel excavators, which includes the M313D, M315D, M316D, M318D and M322D models, features new engines and additions for excavating applications beyond what was available in the C-series. The excavators range in size from 127 net hp and an operating weight of 31,000 lb to 166 net hp and an operating weight of 48.000 lb. Depending on the model, maximum dig depth ranges from 18 ft 11in. to 21 ft 11 in., while the maximum horizontal dig reach ranges from 30 ft 3 in. to 34 ft 1 in. Improvements across the line include new CAT engines with ACERT Technology, dedicated hydraulic pumps for the swing mechanism, allowing smoother operation and a special heavy-lift mode that provides a 7% increase in overall lift power. New cab features include a color monitor for viewing work data, an optional rearview camera, optional heated and cooled seat and optional heated rearview mirrors that remove fog and frost. The engines utilize the Cat Common Rail Fuel System, which the manufacturer says recognizes road conditions and adjusts the engine accordingly, reducing overall fuel consumption.