Accessory Packages For Boom Lifts
New accessory packages turn boom lifts into light towers for nighttime work in tunnels or in other applications. They fit JLG's boom lifts with platform heights ranging from 60 to 135 ft. The Sky Bright package uses four or six lights, turning a boom lift into a 6,000-watt light tower. Nite Bright has four 40-watt lights mounted on the chassis and two 40-watt lights mounted on the platform for more efficient work in low light conditions. JLG INDUSTRIES INC.; 240/420-8721;

Low Voltage Indicator Light
This Pocket Climber (PC-1) hoist is made to lift powered suspended platforms for construction and maintenance work in commercial and industrial applications. A low voltage indicator light tells the hoist operator when voltage drops below optimal operating levels. This feature is standard on all new hoists and can be easily retrofitted in older models. POWER CLIMBER, A DIVISION OF SAFEWORKS LLC; 800/560-2546;

Thumb-Tip Operated Lever
Two reversible plate compactors, Bomag models BPR65/52D-3 and BPR75/60HD-3, deliver 14,625 lb and 13,950 lb of centrifugal force at 4,380 and 2,280 vibrations per minute, respectively. Both units are equipped with a hydraulic travel control system that provides a smooth, easy transition from forward to reverse travel modes, the maker says. Also, an exclusive thumb-tip operated travel lever is included, which makes it easy to change direction or to hold the plate in a neutral position. COMPACTION AMERICA INC.; 309/853-3571;

Automatic or Manual Versions
J-Lift barrier wall lifters are available in two versions and can be used with a number of machines ranging from backhoes to excavators. The J-Lift uses the weight of the barrier wall to maintain a strong grip. With the automatic version, the J-Lift is lowered onto the barrier wall and the actuator unlocks and grips the barrier, while the manual version allows the operator to pull a lever to unlock the J-Lift, which then grips the barrier. DARKHORSE ATTACHMENTS; 800/770-0229

Narrow Profile
A series of boxed housing breakers ranging from the TB725XC (2,000-ft-lb class) up to the TB2580XC (13,500-ft-lb class), has been designed with new features. These include a 20% narrower front head, which gives the operator more visibility and better access when trenching in confined spaces, a 10% reduction in weight and a suspended boxed housing design that reduces noise and vibration to the carrier. The breaker nose is surrounded with abrasion-resistant plating for long life. The TB-XC series breakers have only two moving parts and no accumulators. BREAKER TECHNOLOGY INC. (BTI); 909/369-0878;

Large LCD Display
NaviTrack line locator is a device used to locate underground pipe, cable and utility lines. It features a large, real-time, liquid-crystal mapping display as well as an ergonomically designed, balanced handle and keypad. The tool operates in three modes-search, map and trace. RIDGE TOOL CO.; 800/769-7743;