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Breaker Hammer: Record Concrete Removal Rate
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Gas Breaker: More Power
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he new Red Hawk gas-powered breaker offers quiet operation and zero set-up time for a wide range of applications. With an impact rate of 2,600 blows per minute, it weighs just 50 pounds, making it easy to transport around a job site. An assortment of 19 tools and accessories are available for the Red Hawk, giving the unit extensive versatility for concrete breaking, asphalt cutting, digging, post driving, soil compacting and tie-tamping. A silencing muffler reduces the Red Hawk's operating noise level to just 107 dB. he new Caterpillar H35Ds and H45Ds hydraulic hammers have been added to a line of innovative hydraulic hammers. The H45Ds is in the 300 ft-lb class (power), and provides 2,300 blows per minute. The H35Ds is in the 150 ft-lb class and provides 2,900 blow per minute. Both hammers feature an enclosed housing to protect the power cell, eliminate side plate bolts and reduce sound levels. he new "JACK" 11335 electric breaker hammer is designed to provide an optimal balance between productivity, durability and ergonomics. The hammer hits with 34 ft-lb of force but weighs just over 35 lb. It can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications and features an active vibration-reduction handle that dissipates vibration by 40%, the maker says. The tool comes with Bosch's new self-sharpening star-point hex chisel. he new Cobra Combi gas-powered drill/breaker can be used for a variety of applications including breaking, drilling, cutting, rock splitting, driving, compacting and tie-tamping. Weighing only 55 lb, the product is easy to transport. As a breaker, it delivers up to 2,600 blows per minute. With the drilling function engaged, it offers a maximum drill depth of 6.5 ft at a maximum rate of 12 in. per minute in solid granite. With no need for compressors, hoses or cables, the Cobra Combi offers freedom of movement with very little set up time. anufacturer introduces a new generation of breakers that produces more power and reduces hand/arm vibration. The BH 24 offers a complete package to contractors looking for a high-performance breaker plus the convenience of a gasoline engine. It is powered by the rugged and reliable EPA-certified WACKER 2-cycle WM 80 engine.