Pavers: Preserves Water Supplies
M Permapave Industries LLC; 516-584-2110;

Gas Fastening System: More Power
TPower Fasteners Inc.; 914-235-6300;

Mobile Lighting Tower: Up to Date
T Taylor Construction Plant Ltd; 44 (0)1621 850777;

Bulkhead: For Sprinter Vans
T Weather Guard; 800- 456-7865; ade of natural stone, Permapave Permeable Pavers are 100% porous and have a flow-through rate of up to 7.5 gallons per second per sq ft. The system provides a practical and economic solution for the elimination of 100% of all gross pollutants, an extremely high percentage of hydrocarbons and stormwater runoff at first flush from waterways and reduction in water loss or waste. he new C4-LT Trak-IT Tool is the industry’s first gas-actuated tool with enough power to fasten 2 x 4s into concrete, according to the manufacturer. The tool features a larger combustion chamber and a modified valve design, providing a slightly more powerful charge for firing 2-9⁄16 pins though 2 x 4s into concrete and steel base materials. Its Trak-It fuel cells drive up to 800 pins. he TCP Ecolite is a state-of-the-art mobile lighting tower that was launched worldwide at Bauma 2007. Designed and built to operate with reduced energy requirements, it creates cost savings for the end user and helps to reduce its ecological footprint. There are many other features of this design that produce other ecological, safety and owner/operator benefits, including high-efficiency luminaries, a Hatz diesel engine and low glare lamps. he new Weather Guard Bulkhead is designed for the 2007 Sprinter van, and separates the driver compartment from the cargo area. The screen bulkhead is made from 16-gauge steel for durability, security and safety, and fits either standard or high-roof Sprinter vans. It can be converted into a swing door bulkhead using a new hinge kit.