Water-Repellent Plywood: Protects Sub-Floors
AGeorgia-Pacific; 800-284-5347;www.gp.com/build

Crane: High-Strength Steel Boom
GManitowoc Crane Group; 717-593-5348; www.manitowoccranegroup.com

Chemical-Resistant Gloves: Grip Technology for Slippery Objects
AAnsell; 800-800-0444;www.ansellpro.com

Baler attachment: Turns Forklift into Pipe Handler
MPettibone; 800-467-38842663;www.gopettibone.com

Dust Controller: Forms Crustlike Barrier
OSpecialty Products Div. of United States Gypsum Co.; 800-487-4431; www.gypsumsolutions.com

Camera: Detection and Diagnostic Tool
TPalmer Wahl Instrumentation Group; 800-421-2853;www.palmerwahl.com

Drainage Board: Crush-Resistant, Rubber-Like Texture
SMar-flex Waterproofing and Basement Products; 800-498-1411;www.mar-flex.com

All-new Total Station: Field Controller and Tracking System
DTopcon Positioning Systems Inc.; 925-245-8300;www.topconpositioning.com

Laser-Based Grade Control System: For Excavators
TTrimble Navigation; 408-481-8000;www.trimble.com

Sliding Ladder Rack: Allows More Floor Space
MKnaack Manufacturing Co.; 800-456-7865;www.knaack.com

new solution for residential builders interested in protecting sub-floors before the roof and exterior walls go up during the initial stages of construction is available. Plytanium DryPly plywood, with a water-repellent coating, absorbs up to 40% less water than plywood without the protective coating for up to four weeks. Using the product can help builders avoid problems such as delamination, warping and excessive swell of the edges, the maker says. The company also offers a 100% Builder Satisfaction Guarantee against delamination, edge swell and joint sanding. rove launches a new rough-terrain mobile crane designated the RT535E. It has a four-section, 102-ft, full-power boom and a 26-ft to 45-ft offsettable swingaway extension that gives the machine a maximum possible tip height of 154 ft. Equipped with a Work Area Definition System, this allows the operator to pre-set safe working areas. lphaTEC gloves are the first chemical-resistant gloves to incorporate Ansell�s Grip Technology, a new glove coating that enhances grip performance when grasping wet or oily objects. The gloves integrate microscopic channels in a patented ultra-thin nitrile layer to direct fluids away from the grip surface, leaving a dry contact area that provides almost the same grip that is possible under fluid-free conditions. The gloves� ergonomic design helps prevent onset of occupational injuries. anufacturer creates its first telehandler for pipe handling applications, by adding a 60-in.-wide baler attachment to the 10,000-lb capacity Extendo Series telescopic rough terrain forklift. Now pipe yards and drilling companies can take advantage of the maneuverability and telescopic reach of the series, while handling up to 20-in.-dia pipe. The 10032 Extendo has a maximum lift height of 32 ft, 6 in. Its 3-section boom reaches to 19 ft, 9 in. at 24 in. load center. The machine has a tight turning radius of 12 ft, 6 in. and a single joystick operates all functions. ne single product, called DUSTROL dust control, meets contractors' needs for controlling wind erosion, minimizing dust and stabilizing soil. This gypsum plaster and liquid hydration inhibitor system is mixed with water and wood fiber mulch or cellulose, along with NO-GO Hydration Inhibitor. It forms a cementitious binder that produces a crustlike barrier, thereby protecting soils from wind erosion and dust. he Wahl Heat Spy HS13000 thermal imaging camera can be used as a detection and diagnostic tool for condition monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems and building diagnostics such as detecting moisture damage, pest infestation, insulation integrity and more. It produces crisp high-resolution real time thermal images displayed on a large 3.5-in. color LCD with LED backlight in any of the three user selectable color palettes. hockwave by Mar-flex acts as a shock absorber to protect walls during backfill. Its unique construction uses a closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam that absorbs pressure and bounces back to its original configuration when compressed during the backfill process. esigned as complete robotic systems, the GTS-900A and GPT-9000A series include the maker�s new FC-200 field controller and RC-3 tracking system. The GPT-9000A robotic total station provides precise reflectorless measurement up to 2,000 meters�more than 6,500 ft�and can easily focus on small objects like power lines. The onboard computer�s bright, full-color touch-screen display and faster servo motor technology help improve field productivity. he new GCS600 grade control system for excavators is an entry-level product designed for the owner-operator or contractor in the earthmoving, general construction, site preparation and excavating markets. Using the GCS600 gives contractors a display system that indicates depth and slope, or a combination of both. This capability reduces the costs and downtime associated with staking or the grade checker, and also increases site safety by eliminating the need for a person to be present near the operating excavator.s. anufacturer introduces its new Weather Guard interior sliding ladder rack (Model No. 250), which is designed to create more space on the floor of vehicles. The ladder rack mounts on the inside roof of a van or truck with a metal cap or an enclosed trailer. Users have the option of loading up to an 8-ft A-frame or extension ladder onto the ladder rack, the maker says. The Weather Guard sliding ladder rack is a modular system, encompassing adjustable front and rear cradle assemblies, which run along a rail.