Cabover Truck: Ideal for Concrete Pumping
T Mack Trucks Inc.; 800-922-MACK;

Concrete Mixer: "Out-of-the-Box" Mixing
TCretesheet; 866-571-7749;

Jobsite Storage Boxes: Heavy Duty
D DeWalt; 800-435-0786;

Trench Drain Systems: For Safer Driving Environments
T ACO Polymer Products Inc.; 440-285-7000;

Flange Hanger: Easy To Install
T Simpson Strong-Tie; 800-999-5099;

he new TerraPro Cabover is an evolution of Mack Trucks' popular MR model, according to the manufacturer. Features include ergonomic seats, electronic guages and the next generation of Mack's vehicle management and control system to better control costs and monitor truck and engine performance. The vehicle comes standard with the EPA '07 certified 11-liter Mack MP7 engine, ranging from 325 hp to 405 hp with torque ratings from 1,200 lb ft to 1,560 lb ft. he CreteSheet is a durable, rectangular, polyethylene sheet treated with a UV inhibitor designed for one or two person use for mixing and pouring concrete. Designed for jobs that are 1 cu yd or less or hard to access, the product allows a typical 80 lb bag of concrete to be mixed in less than two minutes. eWalt, a manufacturer of industrial power tools, has launched a new line of seven heavy-duty tool-storage boxes and cabinets that will be manufactured and sold by Greenlee to nontraditional Greenlee markets. Greenlee will continue to produce and distribute its own brand of boxes in the electrical marketplace. The new line will have an exclusive GearGuard multi-point locking system and will come with a shackleless padlock from American Lock. Other features in the line include skyhooks for lifting and an electrical access port. or he new polymer concrete TraffikDrain and HighwayDrain systems are engineered for surface drainage on highways, urban streets and rural roads. TraffikDrain is installed on the side of the road parallel with the traffic flow. It uses large liquid intake grated slots with a 60% open area to quickly collect stormwater. HighwayDrain is a monolithic trench drain that provides both a grate and trench body cast as one piece. he ITS is a new engineered wood top-flange hanger that is easier and faster to install because it uses fewer nails than any other hanger for wood I-joists. Once the hanger is installed on the header, the I-joist is simply snapped down into place. In addition to its simplicity, the design reduces installed cost.