Cases: For Blackberry Handsets
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Multiblade Attachment:
Plows Three Lines at Once
TVermeer Manufacturing Company; 800-536-8367;

Masonry Anchor: For Brick and Stone Veneer Finishes
A Reward Wall Systems Inc.; 800-468-6344;

Hydraulic Excavators: Powerful On-Site Package
T Volvo Construction Equipment North America Inc.; 828-650-2000;

Crawler Crane: Highly Mobile
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he OtterBox 1930 and 1931 rugged cases accommodate BlackBerry brand handsets, giving the user access to phone and data functions right through the case. Constructed of a polycarbonate/ABS shell for maximum strength and durability, the water-resistant case provides grip and drop protection. The 1930 case is 4.85 in. long by 3.36 in. wide and fits the BlackBerry 8700 series while the 1931 case is 4.85 in. long by 3.60 in. wide and fits the BlackBerry 7200 series. Each case weighs 0.5 lb. Optional accessories include a standard swivel belt clip. he new multiblade plow attachment is designed to install Natafilm dripperline in septic tank leaching field projects. It can plow three lines at once, with depth adjustability from 2 to 12 inches in 1-in. increments. ccording to the manufacturer, tieKey is the only patented ICF masonry anchor in the industry. The easy to install, cast-in-place, adjustable masonry tie anchor works with any standard wire. This system can accommodate construction tolerances and allow for differential movement for a wide range of brick finishes, says the manufacturer. It is available in hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel. he new C-series excavators feature Tier III-compliant Volvo engines, which offer high torque at low revs and deliver exemplary fuel efficiency. Features include: multi-adjustable seat, pedals and joystick; electric climate control with 14 vents; a reinforced, doubled welded boom and arm for capacity, reach and force; and punched steel plates for superior grip on all steps and platforms. Ground level access makes inspection and service convenient, straightforward and safe. he 250-ton Liebherr LR 1200 crawler crane can operate with a 292-ft maximum main boom, 384-ft long-reach "L" type top and 486 feet of luffing jib combination. The luffing jib outlifts 300-ton rated cranes, according to the manufacturer. Line speeds range from 425 fpm standard to 725 fpm with optional high-speed winch.