Hydraulic Pulverizer: Wide Jaw Opening
TAtlas Copco Construction Tools Inc.; 413-746-5383;www.us.atlascopco.com

Rotary Hammer: Consistent, Fade-Free Power
PMilwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; 800-729-3878;www.milwaukeetool.com

Zipper Tool Bags: New Materials and Size
MKlein Tools; 800-553-4676;www.kleintools.com

New Interlocking Brick: Waterproof
AQUICKBRICK USA LLC; 407-296-9141; www.quickbrickusa.com

Small Compactors: Dual-Drum Vibration
MHamm Compaction, divi- sion of Wirtgen America Inc.; 615-501-0600;www.hammcompactors.com

Clamp: Secures Power Cables to Wire Cable Tray
ACablofil; 800-658-4641www.cablofil.com

Spiral Saw: Improved Features Offer Better Performance
TRotoZip; 877-768-6947;www.RotoZip.com

Plumb Laser: Everyday Layout Work
THilti Inc.; 800-879-8000;www.us.hilti.com he DP 2800 is a hydraulic demolition pulverizer attachment that is designed for carriers in the 24-to-38-ton weight class. It features a compact design and provides 99 tons of crushing force at the jaw tip. The unit has a maximum operating pressure of 5,076 psi and accepts a maximum hydraulic flow of 79 gpm. It also utilizes a straight jaw design that allows the pulverizer's jaws to open to a width of 35 in. This wide opening enables the unit to handle larger pieces of debris. owered by the manufacturer's V28 Lithium-Ion technology, the new 0756-22 V28 cordless 1-in. compact SDS rotary hammer provides consistent fade-free power, making it suitable for electrical, mechanical, pipefitting and plumbing trades. With a length of 12-in. and a total weight of 9.6 lb (including a V28 battery) contractors can easily access tight areas and control the tool even in extended drilling applications. The 0756-22 has a high-power 28-volt, reversible motor that delivers 4,700 bpm and 2.1 ft lb of impact energy. anufacturer expands its line of zipper tool bags and contractor's portfolios with new materials, colors and size. The Cordura ballistic nylon and colored canvas zipper tool bags are 12 1/2 in. x 7 in, while the Cordura nylon and canvas contractor's portfolios measure 17 in. x 12 in. The zipper tool bags store pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, other tools and spare parts. The portfolios conveniently transport contracts, quotations, work orders, plans and more. new interlocking compressed earth brick for home and commercial building has been certified in the U.S. according to ASTM testing methods and standards. Called QUICKBRICK, the waterproof product is almost two and one half times stronger than concrete block, is installed with glue and can be worked with woodworking tools, the maker says. anufacturer introduces two new small articulated asphalt compactors, models HD 8 VV and HD 10C VV, which offer vibration in both the front and rear drums. Both models are equipped with a unique cantilevered drum suspension system with a single drum support leg on each side of the machine�right leg only on the front, left leg only on the rear�that permits compaction right up against an obstruction such as a wall or curb. new heavy-duty cable clamp is designed for securing both large and small diameter power cables to wire cable tray. They provide maximum grip and are suited for applications such as vertical plenums in high-rise structures, the maker says. These one-piece cable clamps are ready to install right out of the box. The universal bolt head requires no special tools and can be attached using only one hand. The cable clamps come in eight sizes to accommodate cables from .25 in. to 4.25 in. and feature an electrozinc finish. he new RotoZip RZ02 Spiral Saw, which replaces the RZ01 model, incorporates enhancements to deliver better performance and durability in more applications. It is equipped with a 5.0-amp 120-volt motor and powers 30,000 rpm to accomplish a broad range of cutting applications. One of many features is an improved shaft lock design to help make bit changes faster and easier. he pocket-sized PMP 32 plumb laser features one-button functionality and a self-leveling mechanism that settles and projects a highly visible beam in less than three seconds, the maker says. With a flashing beam, the out-of-level indicator lets the user know when the tool is not level. The plumb laser's durable design and rubber casing are built to withstand tough jobsite conditions and provide good vibration stability.