New Books
Good Until The Last Drop: A Practitioner's Guide to
Water Reuse
As water reuse becomes more important in the U.S. and the world, a team of HDR experts has written a new book on the issue for the American Public Works Association. It offers a practical guide to all facets of water reuse, including legal issues and public involvement considerations, as well as guidelines on selecting the right infrastructure and maintaining water quality. The book also examines ways of setting up water reuse organizations, finding the right financing methods or programs, setting fair and equitable rates, and choosing the right project delivery method. It also covers several water reuse case studies.

Canadian Lien Law
Construction, Builders' and Mechanics' Liens in Canada
7th Edition by Collaboration of David I. Bristow, Duncan W. Glaholt, R. Bruce Reynolds and Howard M. Wise, Thomson Carswell, 2005, 1,625 pages
In an unusually collaborative effort, the �Deans of Liens�� four of Canada�s leading experts in construction law from four different firms�collaborated over five years to complete the 7th edition of the classic work on Canadian lien law. The four authors provide expert commentary and analysis of legislation and case law, practical advice, forms and precedents. First written in 1951, the text is considered to be the most authoritative construction law reference in Canada by construction law practitioners and construction industry professionals.

Modeling of High Complexity Systems
With Applications

By Florin Stanciulescu WIT Press, 2005; 376 pages
This book provides new contributions to the field by describing innovative methods and techniques for computer modeling of large-scale natural and man-made systems. The first part of the text includes the theory relating to high complexity systems and hybrid mathematical-heuristic modeling, followed by examples of applications in industrial, power and macroeconomic systems and more. The author emphasizes the interdependence of complex system analysis, hybrid modeling and simulation, and knowledge-based and fuzzy-control engineering.