Metal Joints
Oversized, Heavy Gauge
Metal construction joints can be used for expansion joints, waterstops, weakness or control joints in concrete or masonry. They can also be use in formwork to create reveals and drip edges on formed concrete surfaces. Heavy-duty special keyed floor slab joints available in 31�2- in. minimum height and 16-in. maximum height. Mill galvanized is the most frequently specified finish, but stainless steel and copper are available for use in corrosive environments. Heckmann Building Products Inc.; 800/621-4140; www.

Seamless Membrane
Monolithic Membrane 6125 is a hot fluid-applied, rubberized asphalt noted for long-term performance, flexibility and self-sealing properties in waterproofing and roofing applications. It creates a seamless membrane and forms a tenacious bond to the substrate, claims the manufacturer. Also available in environmental grade, with 20% more post-consumer recycled content. American Hydrotech Inc.; 800/877-6125;

Horizontal joint Sealant
Wide Temperature Range
Sealtight Gardox horizontal joint sealant is a pourable, two-component cold-applied compound for sealing joints in concrete. It cures to a durable, rubber-like joint seal retaining flexibility from -20°F to over 200°F. Its firm, nontracking surface seals joint against water infiltration and rejects compressibles. It is resistant to jet fuels and most common solvents and chemicals. Recommended for use on highways, runways, parking decks, driveways and bridges. W.R. Meadows Inc.; 847/214-2100;

For Sawed Contraction Joints
Tri-Plate assembly for slab-on-ground applications allows floating panel design and prevents random cracking, says the manufacturer. It is fully welded and offers table support of the dowel during construction while ensuring long-term activation on the sawed construction joint. It increases bearing area and reduces stress. Its dowel geometry permits movement parallel and perpendicular to the joint when the saw cut separates. This eliminates restraint between two slab panels moving independently from differential shrinkage and contraction. PNA Construction Technologies Inc.; 800/542-0214;

New joint sealant is twice as strong, making it more creep-resistant, says manufacturer. The versatile form-in-place gasketing material can be used in most types of sealing applications. Made from Gore-Tex expanded PTFE, the material is impervious to virtually all chemicals. It is suitable for use in temperatures from -450°F to 600°F and withstands pressures to 3,000 psig. Product is customized on site. W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.; 800/654-4229; www.gore. com/sealants