Airport Products

Track Lighting
Slim Fixture With Mini Ballast
New AroTech series of ceramic metal halide track lighting offers versatility and power in an aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient fixture design. Features include an innovative Slim Lite mini electronic metal halide ballast that is 25% smaller than the original AroTech ballast. The fixture is made from die-cast aluminum and equipped with the maker’s Sure-Set precise aiming adjustment. It also is capable of rotating up to 358� in the horizontal plane. A center track connector allows for an easy fit into spaces as small as 9 in. Con-Tech Lighting; 847/559-5500;

Wood Barrier
Acoustically Effective
Plywall is a wood noise barrier designed as a solution in mitigating airport noise. Installation requires no concrete footings, heavy equipment or special skills. The barrier can be adaptable to different heights and can serve as permanent or temporary applications. The product is cost-effective, acoustically effective, easy to install and attractive, according to the maker. Plywall, a division of Hoover Treated Wood Products Inc.; 800/531-5558;

EcoStart Motor Control
Energy-Saving Device
EcoStart, a motor control device, helps reduce energy costs by up to 40%, extends motor life and provides a smooth, safe start for escalators and power walks at numerous airports. The device mounts between the AC motor and the existing escalator motor starter. EcoStart is compatible with any make or model escalator that uses an AC induction drive motor. It may be retrofitted on existing equipment or is available on new installations, including the ECO3000 escalators. Kone Inc.; 309/743-5259;

The Spectra System can help increase the effective strength of the pavement structure while at the same time enhancing its internal drainage characteristics, the manufacturer says. The system is for use beneath runways, roadways, construction platforms and other structures that support vehicular traffic. It consists of a combination of structural biaxial geogrid and engineered fill to create a stiffer composite structure. Tensar Earth Technologies Inc.; 800/836-7271;

Bold/Silk-Like Patterns
Manufacturer introduces a line of Xorel fabrics that are suitable for new installations and renovated areas ranging from check-in to counters to gateways and baggage areas at airlines. The collection of fabrics includes the Xorel Techno Color, a bolder, more colorful fabric with a boost of energy. The newest addition to the product line is Dash. It has a silk-like look in an environmentally friendly construction. Carnegie; 212/353-1383;

Electric Hand Dryer
Warm High-Speed Drying
The new automatic XLerator hand dryer provides hands-free operation with an average 15-second hand drying time and uses 80% less energy, the manufacturer says. It is available in four voltages (110/120, 220/240, 208, 277) and two rust-inhibiting finishes (white and chrome). The unit also features one-piece, lightweight, die-cast construction; an automatic reset thermostat; infrared sensor operation as well as tamper-proof bolts and numerous mounting holes. Sloan Valve Co.; 800/982-5839;

Curtain Wall System
Open-Glass Look
The addition to the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, Calif., features an open look with a lot of glass. This curtain wall design was created by Vistawall, which supplied a custom CW-250 system for the front-set curtain wall, which slopes outward at 65 �on a 329-ft radius. Performance characteristics include 50 psf windload and 6.24 psf waterload. Vistawall Architectural Products, a div. of Butler Manufacturing Co.; 800/869-4567;

Double Baluster System
Stainless Steel
Manufacturer’s double baluster system, including fittings and tubes, uses all stainless steel components. The fittings come in three basic finishes. There are two installation options and a choice of four in-fill panels. P&P Artec; 800/927-7346;

Airport Seating
Contemporary Look
GateOne seating for airports and waiting areas offers aesthetics with a contemporary look. A steel beam frame with die-cast aluminum components supports the tandem-mounted, fully upholstered seats. Every component is modular and includes options such as armrests, corner and inline tables, ganging brackets and wall savers.
KI; 800/424-2432;