Tile Saws
Enhance Performance
The G2 Tilematic and Super Tilematic tile saws feature upgraded function over previous models. The G2 cuts 16 in. diagonally and rip cuts a 24-in. tile, while the Super Tilematic cuts 22 in. diagonally and can rip cut a 31-in. tile. A galvanized pan resists rust and a new blade-shaft lock makes blade removal easier. Both saws are able to make spring-assisted plunge cuts and feature cam adjustment to aid belt tensioning. The saws are powered by 11/2-hp Baldor motors, which are fully-enclosed and fan cooled. Target; 800/288-5040; www.targetblue.com

Concrete Grinder
Cart 1EBS 125 walk-behind 5-in. concrete grinder can remove epoxy, paint and other coatings. Powered by a 14-amp motor, the power outlet on the cart accommodates the grinder�s plug, allowing the user to activate the grinder with the on/off switch on the handle. An automatic vacuum system ensures dust free grinding and holes in grinding wheels offer quick dust extraction. CS Unitec; 800/700-5919; www.csunitec.com

Cordless Drill/Driver
High Torque and Speed
The SFH 151-A and and SF 151-A are designed for a wide variety of applications, from hammer drilling to sawing holes and driving screws. The tools boast a torque rating of 619 in.-lb, with 15 settings. The drills have a charger capable of charging a 2 amp-hour NiCd battery in about 30 minutes, and includes a refresh function to help extend the life of batteries. Ideally balanced, the drills are designed for maximum comfort with soft, T-grip handles. The SFH 151-A, a three-speed driver, can easily drill 3⁄8-in. holes in masonry and handle bits up to 1⁄2-in. dia. The SF 151-A, a two-speed driver, is ideal for drilling into softwood with a 1-in. auger bit. The drills feature all-metal gearing and are housed in a fiberglass composite. Hilti; 800/879-6000; www.us.hilti.com

SKid Steer
New and Improved
New skid steer models 2044 and 2054 include various enhancements for operator comfort and visibility. A re-engineered roll-over enclosure on both models includes a larger rear window and better panoramic views. Dual lever/hand controls are upgraded to require 18% less hand effort from the operator. Additional control options are a dual lever with foot controls and T-bar with foot controls. An improved heating system has higher air flow and more vents, creating a warmer cab in less time. The heater also has been repositioned to the left side of the rollover enclosure, for easier entry and exit. Mustang; 866/355-5736; www.mustangmfg.com

Surface Planer
Mill and Prep
The SP8/G Series II surface planer is ideal for milling misaligned sidewalks, removing thermal and cold plastic markings and prepping floors for new coatings. It is available with a full line of tungsten carbide insert flails and lower-cost, steel-type flails. It can be equipped with various gasoline engines and has a cutting depth of 5⁄8 in. and width of 8 in. General Equipment Co.; 800/553-0524; www.generalequip .com