Mini Hydraulic Excavator
Designed for Space-Restricted Areas

TCaterpillar Inc.; 309/675-8995;

Tuckpointing Grinder
New Guard and Enlarged View Window

TBosch Power Tools, a div. of Robert Bosch Tool Corp.; 877/267-2499;

Aerial Lift
350-lb Capacity

VTime Manufacturing Co.; 254/399-2100;

Concrete Vibrators

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Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill
Easy Rolling Turf Tires

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Gas- or Electric-Powered Systems

MBlastrac, a div. of USF Surface Preparation Group; 800/256-3440; he new 304CR can be equipped with a variety of buckets and work tools to handle a wide range of applications. It delivers 36 net hp and accommodates two stick sizes. When fitted with the optional long stick, the excavator provides a maximum digging depth of 12 ft, 4 in. The 304CR is powered by a naturally aspirated, water-cooled, four-stroke, four-cylinder diesel engine, which meets Tier 2 and State II emissions requirements. his 5-in. grinder, model 1775E, is designed for concrete and masonry contractors. It allows professional tuckpointers to remove mortar, virtually dust free, from applications ranging from a 50-story building to a residential chimney. The 5.6-lb tool features a multi-positioning head combined with the maker's exclusive dust extraction system. It also has a newly designed guard and enlarged view window. An 8.5-amp, 11,000-rpm motor constantly maintains speed under load. ersalift VO-43-l insulated arti-culated aerial lift offers 47 ft, 10 in. of working height while mounted on an 84-in. cab-to- axle chassis. Side by side booms enable the fiberglass basket to store on the floor of body. The standard fiberglass platform is 24 in. sq x 42 in. with an inside and outside step for easy access. Standard platform capacity is 350 lb. Higher capacities are available. Automatic platform leveling is achieved through a completely enclosed parallelogram system. new line of backpack vibrators is available for the consolidation of concrete in remote areas where electrical power is not available or on sites where extra mobility is desired. Flexible shafts and vibrator heads are driven by a two-cycle, 50cc, 2 1Ú2-hp engine. The engine swivels 260û for maximum flexibility and promotes use from either left- or right-hand side. The engine throttle and kill switch are positioned at the side of the operator. his hydraulic earth drill is a towable unit designed for sign installers, rental dealers and contractors that require a portable machine. It features an 11-hp Honda engine, a 6-gpm hydraulic system and can drill holes up to 16 in. in diameter. A removable tow bar is standard. An infinitely variable 20û auger tilt allows vertical drilling in uneven terrain. Forward and reverse controls allow operation by one person, while a two-position handle permits drilling alongside buildings or other structures. anufacturer introduces new gas- or electric-powered systems that clean and prepare concrete, asphalt or steel surfaces. The scarifiers are suitable for general concrete contractors to repair common slab problems. Design enhancements include heavier frames and drums, a quick-lift-off feature and micro depth control for fine-tuning the cutter depth.