Cut-Off Machine
X2 Air Filtration System
Similar to the TS 700 model, the new TS 800 Cutquik cut-off-machine is equipped with the X2 long term filtration system, which is designed for extended cutting service. The TS 800 features a 6.7-bhp, 98.5-cc stratified charge engine; a 16-in. deep-cutting wheel and an advanced five-point, dual element anti-vibration system. Also, with a specially designed heavy-duty steel cart, both the TS 700 and TS 800 models can do the work of a larger, heavier walk-behind machine. The Stihl Inc.; 800/467-8445;

Fall Protection Kits
Convenient Containers
Packaged in convenient, easy-to-handle, waterproof storage containers, the new Titan ReadyWorker kits are available in six options. All kits include a universal sized, full-body harness and a 6-ft tubular, shock-absorbing lanyard. Three kit models also include a 6-ft web, cross-arm strap anchorage connector. Miller Fall Protection, a Bacou-Dalloz Co.; 800/873-5242;

Radio Remote Control System
Hand-Held Pendant Controls Boom Functions
This compact, wireless remote control pendant allows the operator to control boom functions from outside the cab, or from within a personnel work platform. It can be used to raise, lower, extend and retract the boom, and start and stop the engine. The unit also has a proportional trigger control for controlling the speed of the boom. The system is now available on all Gehl DL series telescopic handlers that are equipped with the Gehl PWP system. Gehl Co.; 262/334-9461;

150-lb Tamper
Four-Cycle Enginer
The new 150-lb BT65/4 tamper is powered by a 3.3-hp, four-cycle Honda GX100 engine. The unit delivers up to 3,485 lb of impact force and compacts up to 20 cu yd of select material per hour in a coverage area of approximately 3,600 sq ft. The tamping foot is constructed of high-strength honeycomb polyethylene that absorbs shock. BOMAG Americas Inc.; 800/782-6624;

Hydraulic Breaker Attachments
New Internal Design
A new line of hydraulic breaker attachments is available for concrete and general demolition work. These attachments have a new internal design with fewer moving parts and no external tie rods, therefore reducing the amount of maintenance the hydraulic breakers require. Another advancement is the auto power feature, an automatic pressure regulator that ensures maximum performance of the attachment, regardless of tool carrier hydraulic flow variations or changes in outdoor temperature. They also have a special shield to protect hoses and fittings from damage when working close to the ground or in tight spaces. Bobcat Co.; 866/823-7898;