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Reversible Plate

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Stand-Up Position

Hilti Inc.; 800/879-8000; The W35 is one of the newest and smallest models added to the manufacturer’s product line. It is an extremely compact and easily maneuverable three-wheeled milling machine with an operating weight of 5,401 lb. Several different milling drums are available for special jobs, such as for removing road markings. It has an all-new ergonomic design with an operator’s station located over the cutter drum. Additional features include a cutting width of 14 in. and cutting depth of 2.4 in. Manufacturer introduces an anti-theft protection system for its line of rotary hammers. The new CODE! system operates by a one-touch infrared remote control to protect the tools against unauthorized use. Owners can enable or disable multiple CODE!-protected rotary hammers using a single key or assign each tool either its own key for a single user or multiple keys for multiple authorized users. This magnetic manhole lift system makes moving heavy manhole covers an easy one-person operation. A locking mechanism is created with a series of magnets enabling the unit to clamp onto the manhole cover without any special tools. The lift system can move manhole covers up to 36 in. dia with the 22-lb magnet. An average person can achieve 400 lb of pull-out force using the specially designed dolly. Sakai recently contracted with TransTech Systems to offer a precise mat temperature gauge at the asphalt roller operator’s station. In addition to Superpave, the sensor system is good for night paving operations where ambient and mat temperatures drop rapidly, narrowing the available compaction window. While the temperature sensor and gauge may be installed on all of the manufacturer’s asphalt rollers, it primarily is targeted at the Superpave roller train. For information on TransTech Temperature Sensor System; 800/724-6306. Manufacturer announces a structural grouting system especially designed for the repair of bridge and pier stanchions. The new Pile Jacket Grout system is an epoxy grout. It can be installed under water and used with any pile jacketing system. The product offers superior bonding to concrete, steel and wood piles, claims the company. Also, the three-component system is resistant to a variety of chemicals including oils, fuels, salts and solvents. The Pile Jacket Grout has been formulated to meet or exceed ASTM C 881 Type I, II, IV, Grade 2, Class B and C. The new DS 50 Gyro is a telescopic drill rig system that can be used with most drill motors. The module design and flexibility of the rig make it possible to drill both straight and at almost any angle in walls, floors and ceilings. It is a complete drill stand consisting of a drilling column, strut, carriages, base plate with wheels and rubber ceiling panel for attachment to ceilings. Designed for the compaction of sand, gravel and mixed soils, the new DPU 7060SC reversible-plate machine features a stand-by mode and the maker’s innovative infrared remote Smart Control. When the operator lets go of the remote control’s joysticks, the machine immediately will go into an idle running mode stopping all travel and vibration movement. This feature is designed to provide additional protection to the operator. These stand-up powder actuated fastening tools are used for attaching metal deck to structural steel or bar joist base materials. Model DX 860-ENP for structural steel applications, allows the user to drive up to 800 fasteners per hour from a comfortable stand-up position. Also, a built-in, adjustable power regulator provides optimal control to achieve reliable fastenings.