Cutquik Machine
New Air Filtration System

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Cut-Off Saws
Long-Life Lubrication Piston

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This new cut-off machine, designated TS 700 Cutquik, is designed with features to help maximize productivity. With its new X2 long-term air-filtration system, the machine can run twice as long before the filter needs changing, making it suitable for heavy-duty cutting applications. The TS 700 comes fully assembled and has a 6.7-bhp, 98.5-cc stratified charged engine. It also is lightweight, well balanced and equipped with a five-point, dual element vibration control system. The new BTS-L3 series of portable cut-off saws includes four models–the BTS 930L3, BTS 935L3, BTS 1030L3 and BTS 1035L3. When matched with a variety of diamond or abrasive blades, the units offer fast cutting of concrete, brick, stone and other construction materials. One key feature of the series is the Long Life Lubrication, or L3, piston. It is furnished with a special graphite surface coating to eliminate piston and cylinder overheating. This special coating also provides added protection against dirt.