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A fully integrated AC power generation system designed exclusively for trucks is featured in this brochure. It explains and illustrates how contractors can turn their vehicles into a mobile power station with the Real Power AC generator. The brochure lists features of the AC generator, which is driven directly off the truck’s existing power take off (PTO) gear. It also compares the benefits of this new option to other alternatives such as portable generators and inverter-based power generation systems. Contour Hardening Inc.; 888/867-2184; The Architecture of Tilt-Up is a 130-page manual that consists of full-color, detailed photography and corresponding information. It starts the reader from the initial concept of selecting Tilt-Up through an immense variety of building types, finish options and design features. A general overview of the construction process is also provided. Tilt-Up Concrete Association; 319/ 895-6551; A brochure featuring a line of hand-held hydraulic construction equipment is available. It gives information on the TEX H series that offers the power of a pneumatic breaker with the easier handling and quieter operation of hydraulics. Another brochure describes the Cobra Combi, a gas-powered drill/breaker with cleaner emissions and lower vibrations. It contains photos that depict a range of different tools for jobs ranging from cutting and breaking to drilling, driving and more. Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc.; 413/746-0020; QuickServe Online is a website that allows construction equipment owners and operators to save time and get immediate access to an online shopping cart for Cummins diesel engine parts. The site covers every Cummins engine built since 1960 and offers 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week access to parts and service information, a shopping cart, service bulletins and more. Content is customized by engine serial number. It can sort through 60 million Cummins engine documents to find accurate, up-to-the-minute parts and service information about a customer’s engine. Cummins Inc.; 812/377-0479; The new 2005 product supplement catalog offers a selection of new construction tools, chemicals, firestopping and fastening systems. Detailed information, technical data and ordering information are available for the PD 32 laser range meter, the WSR 1400-PE reciprocating saw, the DX 76 power actuated tools, the Kwik bolt 3 mechanical anchor and more. An application guide is also included. Hilti Inc.; 800/879-8000;