Small Cold Milling Machine
Three-Wheel Mill

Wirtgen American Inc.; 615/501-0600;

Air Machine
Two Operational Settings

Novatek Corp.; 866/563-7800;


Reversible Plates
With Integrated Wheel Set

Concrete Mixer

PortoMix, a compact concrete mixer, measures 34 x 23 x 48 in. It is small enough to fit into the trunk of a car and be transported to, from and around the jobsite. The unit�s sturdy polyethylene drum mixes up to 3 cu ft of material and comes with a stronger steel frame, making it suitable for small footings and bases, binding block and concrete patching. It can also be used as a wheelbarrow. Stow Construction Equipment; 877/289-7869;


Adjustable Reverse Speed Control

Komatsu America Corp.; 847/970-5815; The W50 is a small cold milling machine that features an 80-hp Deutz diesel engine and an operating weight of 13,162 lb, excluding optional conveyor. The three-wheel mill can cut up to 6 in. deep and 20 in. wide, with a 4-in. turning radius. In addition to the loading conveyor, a fourth wheel is optional. The W50 can mill at speeds up to 82 ft per minute. For ease in making horizontal cuts on roadways, the fully adjustable loading conveyor can be dismounted and mounted by the operator without assistance in a matter of minutes, says the manufacturer. This versatile negative air machine is designed to handle jobs such as mold remediation or cleaning and restoration. It is equipped with a powerful 2-hp motor that provides a consistent flow rate. The machine uses standard 24 in. x 24 in. HEPA filters. Regular inexpensive dust filters can also be used which make the unit suitable for dust collection service in construction and renovation work such as concrete resurfacing, drywall and more. Two new reversible plates, BPU 2540A and BPU 3050A, are the only reversible plates in the industry to offer an integrated wheel set, claims the manufacturer. Both models feature fully hydraulic forward and reverse operation with spot compaction for easy compaction in tight areas. In addition, low-vibration, shock-mounted guide handles with single lever direction controls provide vibration-free operation. Model BPU 2540A has a baseplate width of 15.8 in. and produces 5,625 lb of centrifugal force. Wacker Corp.; 262/257-4131; The KomStat II line of dozers includes models D31EX/PX-21, D37EX/PX-21 and D39EX/PX-21. The machines can be used for grading work in construction, forestry and landscaping applications. They are equipped with Tier-2-compliant SAA4D102E-2 engines, KomStat II electronic control hydrostatic transmission and palm command control system for advanced grading ability and better operator control. The dozers also feature adjustable reverse speed control that allows the machines to reverse either slower or faster than the chosen forward dozing speed.