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High-Pressure Hydraulics, Extra Boost

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Pipe and Duct positioner
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JLG Industries Inc.; 240/420-8727; The VR-530C material handler is designed to combine the versatility of a tool carrier with the reach and capacity of a lift-and-place machine. It has a compact footprint, a turning radius of 12 ft, 8 in. and a lightweight and rigid three-stage boom that angles 62� up and extends to a maximum lift height of 30 ft and a maximum forward reach of 21 ft. Working speeds, forward and reverse, range to 4.6 mph with available inching. Travel speeds range to 15.4 mph. The machine has a Perkins 100 hp, four-cylinder diesel engine. The new 1614 scissor hoist is designed to lift dump bodies on a wide range of vehicles. It includes a frame fabricated of high-tensile steel and is suitable for flat beds, lumber trucks and construction vehicles with a gross weight of 20,000 lb and up. The 1614 features a 6-in. cylinder with a 14-in. stroke and a body/payload capacity of more than 25 tons. The operator has complete control at all times through the hoist’s power-up and power-down action, preventing a kick-back. This high-capacity crane rope, called XLT4, features single-layer construction that produces near zero torque under load. It may be used with a swivel and operated in hoisting applications falling under ASME B30.5 at design factors as low as 3.5 to 1. The XLT4 also features the manufacturer’s exclusive PowerSteel Technology, which double-packs more high-tensile steel wire into the rope’s diameter, resulting in high strength-to-diameter ratios. Designed to help improve productivity on the job site, the new Extendo Traverse T8044 telehandler features nearly 6 ft of horizontal boom travel at every lift height. This allows operators to lift and land loads in hard-to-reach locations such as through windows and other openings without repositioning the machine, according to the manufacturer. Its low-profile design fits under an 8-ft doorway and in low-overhead areas. In addition, the T8044 telehandler includes a tight turning radius of less than 12 ft. It also features an 8,000-lb lift capacity, more than 44 ft of lift height and 36 in. of forward reach. sThis SkyPositioner accessory is made for mechanical, sprinkler, HVAC and other contractors. It allows the operator to lift pipe or duct as high as 78 in. above the scissor lift deck for positioning, without the strain of lifting by hand. This removable, platform-mounted positioning system can be installed on models 3394RT and 439RT rough-terrain scissor lifts. It comes with two interchangeable heads–one for holding pipe, the other for ductwork. Both heads have a 1,000-lb capacity and can hold lengths as long as 21 ft and handle pipe with diameters as large as 8 in.