Versatile Breaker
Active Vibration Reduction System

Hilti Inc.; 800/950-6654;

Traffic Control
Display Is Solar Powered

Solar Technology Inc.; 800/475-5442;

Front Engine Power Take-Off Option
Short-Hood Model

Kenworth Truck Co., a division of PACCAR Inc.; 425/828-5196;


Hydraulic Cab Riser
From 6 to 8 Ft

Paul Wever Construction Equipment Co. Inc.; 800/990-7923;

Noise Barrier
FHWA Approved

CYRO Industries; 800/631-5384;

The TE 706-AVR breaker offers high-chiseling performance when working on wall and floor applications. It is the first in its class to feature a state-of-the art brushless SR-motor and an active vibration reduction system, which reduces the hammering mechanism’s vibration by up to 50%. The new model also has a three-level hammering power regulation for a wide variety of applications. Available in pointed, flat and wide-flat versions, the self-sharpening polygon chisels assure maximum productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need to resharpen, reforge or reharden the chisel. Manufacturer introduces its patented solar-powered Mega-Flux LED display technology for traffic control systems. It uses a SuperFlux LED with a Solar Tech proprietary lens cap. This combination allows the Mega-Flux LED display to virtually eliminate LED mechanical stress failure and provide twice the brightness of standard models. A front engine power take-off option is now available for Kenworth’s T800 short-hood truck model. This option is designed especially for municipal dump, mixer, refuse and crane and other applications. In addition, the new configuration provides a front-frame extension for projects requiring front-mounted equipment, such as hydraulic rams or hose reels. The option is available for order with Caterpillar C11 and C13 engines up to 380 hp and the Cummins ISL engine up to 350 hp. Manufacturer introduces a hydraulic cab riser that is designed to help operators more efficiently and safely complete their jobs. It can be adapted to all machines and used with a variety of attachments. The cab riser offers a lifting capacity of 6 to 8 ft above the regular position. When loading trucks, this feature allows the operator to safely see inside the truck bed. This enables the worker to even out the load and fill all available space. In demolition, the hydraulic cab riser enables the users to get a better view of the worksite by allowing them to adjust the cab tilt angle up to 45û from front to back. PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP TL4, a noise barrier system for use on elevated roadways and bridges, has just received approval by the Federal Highway Administration. It has been successfully tested under NCHRP 350 Level 4 conditions. The system’s fragment-retentive quality presents a transparent but impact-resistant option for stable and aesthetic noise mitigation for highway projects. The PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP GS CC noise barrier sheet is lightweight, easy to install and resistant to weathering from UV exposure.