Coolant Conversion System

ChevronTexaco Products Co.; 713/954-6143; www.chevrontexaco.com

Pull-Type Tracked Scraper

Ashland Industries Inc.; 877/634-4622; www.ashlandind.com

Body and Crane

Manufacturer announces several new improvements to its Dominator field service vehicle, such as increasing the amount of workspace and providing better accessibility to tools. The service body features rain eaves on each side of the truck, non-slip steps and a single-handle latch on the tailgate. Also, an optional radio remote control system and a boom-mounted winch has been added to the telescopic crane. Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc.; 800/247-5958; www.imt.com

Heavy Haul Configuration
Truck or Tractor with Pusher or Tag Axles

Model 357, now available in a specialized heavy haul configuration, features a new high-capacitycooling system with a 1,400-sq-in. radiator core. When specified with a manual transmission, the Heavy Haul can accommodate engines up to 625 hp. Additionally, it can be customized with a wide range of heavy-duty options such as axles, frame rails and liners, suspensions and pusher or tag axles. Model 357 will be available as both truck and tractor configurations in the second quarter. Peterbilt Motors Co., 940/591-4068;www.peterbilt.com

Mobile Power System
Built Into the Truck

International Truck and Engine Corp.; 630/753-3540; www.InternationalDelivers.com FleetFix Conversion Pack contains all materials needed to convert conventional coolant currently being used in heavy-duty vehicles and stationary equipment to an extended life coolant without having to drain, flush and refill the cooling system. The manufacturer says the product, which can be used in any equipment requiring a heavy-duty coolant, regardless of fuel type, is best suited for customers with over 100 pieces of equipment in transportation, mining, construction and agriculture markets. This pull-type tracked earthmover, the I-180TS, has an 18-cu-yd (heaped) and 14.5-cu-yd (struck) capacity. It uses a pair of 36 in. x 72-in. ATI track modules to provide 5,184 sq in. of gross contact area, equivalent to a gang of seventeen 20.5 x 25 tires. The combination of two powerful 4 in. x 60-in. ejector cylinders, 54-in. front apron opening and 22-in. ground clearance makes ejecting wet bulky material easy. Manufacturer offers a solution for customers who need a reliable power source when on a jobsite. Built right into the truck, Diamond Logic PowerPac 3 is a 3,000-Watt AC power system that exceeds Underwriters Laboratories’ standards. This factory-installed option is for medium-duty and severe-service vehicles. The multiplexed electrical system provides heavy-duty power that virtually eliminates the need of portable generators. It turns the truck into an integrated mobile power source for power tools, lights, test equipment, compressors and more.