Reciprocating Saw
Heavy-Duty Front Hand Grip
The new WSR 1400-PE reciprocating saw can be used for cutting bricks, concrete blocks and asphalt, as well as wood, metal, plastic and plaster. It features the manufacturer’s Smart Power system to help maintain constant blade speed under load. A 13.5-amp motor and six speed settings provide the right amount of power and cutting speed for each job. In addition, the saw’s orbital action allows faster, more aggressive cutting. The saw also is equipped with the maker’s Active Vibration Reduction System, which reduces vibration and provides the operator with better working comfort. Hilti Inc.; 800/950-6654;

Dewatering Pumps
Fully Enclosed
Pioneer Pump Inc.; 503/266-4115;

Lifeline System
Lightweight, Easy To Install, Safe

1 4 DBI/SALA & Protecta; 800/328-6146;

Concrete Trowel
Safety Sensor
Wacker; 262/257-4131;

Dozer Blade
Fits Large-Frame Loaders
Bobcat Co.; 866/823-7898; dozerblade

Floor Saw
Reversible Handle for Compact Storage
A new floor saw, called ORKA 350/450, is suitable for cutting concrete or asphalt and will be marketed with a new range of diamond blades—the Murena series. The compact machine is designed for standard use with a 14-in. diamond blade or blades up to a maximum diameter of 18 in. It is fitted with a Honda GX390 gasoline engine that features a cyclonic filter. The handle is reversible for a reduced storage and transport volume. The tubular frame of the saw has a central lifting hook. Also, the wheel-operated plunge device is accurate and easy to use. Dynapac Concrete; +;

Guidance System
For Excavators
Leica Geosystems Inc.; 770/447-6361;
The new PP44S10 Silent Pack 4-in. pump is fully enclosed in a stainless steel enclosure, reducing sound levels to below 62 dB(A) at 23 ft. It is powered by a fuel efficient Deutz F3M2011 engine that delivers 35 hp at 1,800 rpm. The pump is designed so that it can be mounted in a variety of ways, which is made possible by the use of modular units. The SecuraSpan horizontal lifeline system is an economical temporary horizontal lifeline for steel erection. The system’s lightweight design makes the stanchion portable and easy to install at heights. Its single clamp design with simple wing nut allows for fast attachment and easy adjustment. Depending on fall clearances, the new system is capable of spanning 60 ft between stanchions. For longer systems, a bypass kit is available turning the standard stanchion into one with bypass capabilities. The standard stanchion will fit "I" beams 2 \in. thick and 12 in. wide. Manufacturer introduces a new walk-behind power trowel line that offers an entirely new concept to the concrete finisher. It has a sophisticated system to protect the operator from being struck by a runaway handle and meets worldwide safety specifications. When the operator is using the trowel and lets go of the handle, a gyroscopic safety sensor detects the motion of the handle and stops the engine before the handle reaches a 45û rotation. This engages the gearbox brake, which will stop the handle rotation within a 270û rotation. The trowels are offered in four models, equipped with additional features for protection against an out-of-control spinning handle and have six patents pending. This new 96-in. dozer blade attachment fits large-frame Bobcat loaders, enabling the machines to excavate and grade more material. The 1,500-lb, six-way adjustable dozer blade has an all-cast design and a reversible three-piece cutting edge. It is suitable for the construction and landscaping markets because it turns loaders into mini-crawlers, says the manufacturer. The model also provides forward and reverse grading action and adjustable skid shoes for depth control when grading. The MC200 Digger is a new automated machine guidance system for excavators. It allows operators to dig rapidly, accurately and on-grade from inside the cab, minimizing the need for workers in the trench. Features such as its ruggedized LCD display panel in the cab indicate the exact bucket position in real time relative to the desired finished grade.