Trench Roller
Uses Hand-Held Cable Control

Multiquip Inc.; 800/421-1244;

Anti-Theft Device
Locks Mechanically
Equipment Lock Co.; 866/565-4887;

Combination Mixer
Wheelbarrow and Pedestal
The 25CMP is a combination 2-cu-ft concrete mixer that has been added to the Stone Champion Little Champ product line. The new unit offers the benefits of two mixer styles in one, including the transport convenience of a wheelbarrow model and the charge and discharge advantages of a pedestal model. The 25CMP concrete mixer features two 6-in. sealed turf tires, adjustable handles, a dump height of 27.5 in. and a full 360� swivel. It is also equipped with an easy-to-clean poly drum, steel mixing blades and a 1�3-hp electric motor. Stone Construction Equipment Inc.; 585/229-5141;

Concrete Cutter
Improved Ground Drive System

Manufacturing Co.; 888/837-6337;

Backhoe Loader
Increased Performance
The new 446D backhoe loader features increased loader and backhoe performance when compared to model 446B, which it replaces. Bucket dig forces have increased about 10%. Dig depth for the standard stick is 16 ft, 10 in. and 21 ft, 2 in. for the optional extendible stick. The optional pilot-operated joystick controls add excavator technology. Also, a wide range of work tools expand the versatility of the 446D. Caterpillar Inc.; 309/675-8995;

The new Rammax trench roller features a hand-held cable control. This allows the operator to control the roller’s functions from a safe distance, especially in trenches where job site injuries can occur, says the manufacturer. Model P33/24FCR produces 15,652 lb of impact force and is suitable for any large soil compaction job. It is available in either 24 or 33-in. drum configurations with cable control or in combination with the construction industry’s only solar-powered transmitter that never needs recharging. A new anti-theft device, called the Stabilizer Lock, mechanically locks the stabilizer arm of all backhoes in the downward position, raising a wheel off of the ground. It has two-hinged halves that surround the exposed hydraulic cylinder and are secured together with a built-in, push-button barrel-style key mechanism. The device comes in a four-digit combination lock and in different lengths. A new concrete cutter, the CC155, offers a complete cutting solution for patch work and joint repair on Interstates, streets and highways, as well as street and airport lighting projects, demolition work and more. It is powered by a Tier 2, Stage II, 155-hp Cummins engine and managed by a microprocessor load control. The machine is equipped with many operator-friendly features such as backlit gauges, a rear-mounted work light and improved steering wheel ergonomics. In addition, an improved ground all-wheel-drive system features two pumps and four motors. A hi/lo feature and variable displacement pump allow the operator to adjust the cutter speed to match a multitude of cutting conditions.