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This new self-retracting lifeline, called Leading Edge SRL, is designed specifically to protect personnel when working at or near leading edges during construction activities such as decking and precast concrete work. The fall protection device features 55 ft of oversized /-in. dia cable that is 35% stronger than cable lifelines on standard SRL’s, according to the manufacturer. It also contains a built-in external energy absorber to help reduce arresting forces on the worker and minimize damage to the cable from edge wear and abrasion. Safety Gate: Fits on Alternating Tread Stair Manufacturer introduces a new gate that is designed to provide additional safety at the top of stairs. Safety Gate attaches to the top rails of an alternating tread stair. It is the first gate built with the dimensions and connections needed to provide a perfect fit on an alternating tread stair, the maker says. Completely reversible, the gate swings 180� and has several installation options. It can be attached to the stair handrails or to the platform at the top of the stair. A new line of Miller Falcon self-retracting lifelines exceeded a series of extreme durability performance tests that included being run over by a utility van and dropped from 20 ft. The lifeline comes in 20, 30, 50 and 65-ft models in both galvanized wire and stainless steel wire rope. It features a high-impact resistant nylon housing and corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum internal components. A built-in, ergonomically designed molded handle on the 50 and 65-ft units provides support and leverage when attaching to overhead anchorage. Dokaset wall formwork is a complete framed formwork system that comes with access ladders and pouring platforms and safety railings even across the front of the formwork. The system is delivered to the site as a complete, collapsed unit and can be readied for operation in a few steps, the manufacturer says. Due to the novel railing system, Dokaset ensures safety in every phase of constructing an insitu concrete wall, positioning the first half of the formwork or closing the formwork. Because the system uses long-life Xlife sheet and only needs one through-tie, less finishing work needs to be done. Mini Flex welding fume extractor is a portable system used for removing and filtering welding fume. It is suitable for confined spaces and other locations that are not accessible with other bulkier welding-fume extractors. Featuring an automatic start/stop function, the unit automatically switches on when the arc is established with a 15-second delay upon completion of welding. It can be completely disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.