AC/DC Stick Welder
Multi-Process Welding Capability
The new Ranger 10,000 welding machine is designed for general contractors, maintenance teams and others looking for an AC/DC stick welder mated with a powerful AC auxiliary power generator, says the maker. It provides 10,000 watts peak (9,000 continuous watts) and can be used as a backup generator or for powering inverter welders, plasma, cutters, grinders, lights and tools. The Ranger 10,000 also helps extend the user’s welding capability with basic Stick, TIG, MIG and flux-cored welding as well as arc gouging. It is available with either a Kohler or Honda gasoline engine. The Lincoln Electric Co.; 888/355-3213;

Winter Liners
Protection Against Cold and Wind
Manufacturer introduces a line of winter liners that can be worn under hard hats or by themselves to protect an outdoor worker from extreme cold and wind while on the jobsite. Built-in design features include a back reflective strip and suspension straps that attach the liner to a hard hat. The liner comes standard with two pockets on either side to hold warming packs, an elastic strip along the forehead as well as hook and loop closures around the neck. There are four main product groups with several styles for each. Allegro Industries; 800/622-3530;

Utility Locator
The Interragator EZ GPR system is designed to make the job of locating buried utilities easier. Using electromagnetic waves, the machine can explore what lies below the ground’s surface. A high-frequency (400 MHz) antenna for transmitting and receiving pulses during subsurface surveys allows utilities as small as 0.80 in. to be detected to depths of 18 in. Larger utilities may be detected down to 20 ft deep. The machine’s display is daylight readable and in real time. Vermeer Manufacturing Co.; 888/837-6337;

Super Beam Laser
New LL160 Kesonite super beam laser can be used by carpenters, contractors and anyone who needs professional alignments results. It offers precise alignment by projecting red laser lines on any surface to provide vertical alignment (plumb) and horizontal alignment (level). With six separate diodes, the laser projects both horizontal and vertical dots and lines, allowing it to act as a laser plumb bob. The unit is self-leveling, making it suitable for one-person operation. Keson Industries Inc.; 800/345-3766;

Larger-Size Pipe
Thin Wall Construction
This 110-in.-dia, centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe is the newest addition to the company’s product line. Because of its thin wall construction, the pipe achieves this ID with an OD of only 114 in., the maker says. The pipe is suitable for direct bury, sliplining, microtunneling and aboveground installation for new construction and rehab. It also has inherent corrosion resistance and good hydraulics that maintain maximum flow capacity. HobasPipe USA Inc.; 800/281-2200;

Antiqued Pavers
Aged, Worn Look
Company introduces Antiqued pavers, a new line of genuine clay pavers that are tumbled together as part of the manufacturing process to create an aged look and soft, worn edges. The Antiqued pavers are made for exterior pedestrian and light vehicular applications such as driveways, walkways, patios and sidewalks. These 21�4-in.-thick pavers are available in a variety of body colors and in standard and modular sizes. They feature a newly developed interlocking system to securely hold them together. Boral Bricks Inc.; 800/526-7255;