More AC Generator Output
The Ranger 250 welding machine is now available with an Onan OHV engine. With this new engine, the 250-amp, 100%-duty cycle rating of this machine has increased from 25V to 28V (at 40ûC). The overhead valve in the Onan engine also offers improved efficiency with 15% longer running time on a full tank of fuel as compared to the Onan side-valve engine. With a fully enclosed case, the 20.5-hp twin-cylinder engine is low in noise with 98.5 dBA sound power at full load. LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO.; 888/355-3213; www.lincolnelectric.com

Mounts to 55 to 500-hp Carriers
This new Bull Hog wood shredder, model BH120H, is used to cut brush, trees and stumps down to ground level, says the maker. The attachment features design improvements that make it suitable to work in harsh conditions and handle land clearing, right-of-way clearing and maintenance, commercial development, flood control channels and other projects. The models can be matched to carriers from 55 to 500 hp, whether the vehicle is rubber tired or tracked, including excavators and tractors. They are powered hydraulically or used in tandem with a tractor PTO. FECON INC.; 800/528-3113; www.fecon.com

Eliminates Need For Extendible Axles
Manufacturer introduces a line of high-reach boom lifts that include models 860SJ with 86-ft platform height and 800S with 80-ft platform height. Both units have an innovative design that eliminates the need for extendible axles. This feature offers the worker faster set-up time and better access to hard-to-reach areas, according to the company. These 800 series telescoping booms have a total lift time from ground to 80 ft and return of less than 130 seconds, 40% faster than other lifts in this category. Horizontal reach is 71 ft on model 800S and 75 ft on model 860SJ. JLG INDUSTRIES INC.; 240/420-8721; www.jlg.com