Improved Fuel Economy
The new 10,000-watt, diesel-powered DLW-300ES is an upgraded model that combines a 300-amp welder and a 10-kW generator with a 100% duty cycle at 280 amps. The unit operates at idle up to 160 amps and uses only 0.39 gallons of fuel per hour at 120 amps and only 1.1 gallons per hour at full load. In addition to lowering fuel costs, the welder�s arc force dial allows operators to fine tune the arc to the desired quality while lower noise levels help make operating the welder more comfortable, the maker says. Multiquip Inc.; 800/421-1244; www.multiquip.com

Boom Truck
Triple-Steer Axle
This 5-section, 52-meter boom is mounted on a 6-axle straight truck-chassis. It has a triple-steer axle configuration, allowing the unit a high level of maneuverability at job sites. The boom design provides the user with the flexibility needed in tight working quarters. Total vertical reach is 170 ft and total horizontal reach is 156 ft. Pumpstar Inc.; 580/548-2723; www.pumpstar.com

K-Series Compact Loaders
SmartFAN Cooling System
Manufacturer introduces its latest line of compact loaders to the construction industry. Designated K-Series loaders, this new line consists of skid-steer loaders (models S130 through S300), compact track loaders (models T140 through T300) and the A300 all-wheel steer loader. New features include a hydraulically powered cooling fan for more efficient and quieter operation as well as 38% stronger drive chains on the large-frame loaders. Bobcat Co.; 866/823-78982; www.bobcat.com

Handler Upgrade
Tier 2 Perkins Turbo Engine
Designed specifically for handling heavy loads, the MVT 665T is a heavyweight machine, built for the specific needs of building and industrial professionals. Applications range from handling concrete blocks, septic tanks and pipes to picking up rubble and waste. The machine has been upgraded with a tier 2 Perkins 1104C-44 turbo engine, producing 101 hp. It also benefits from a two-speed hydrostatic transmission, which gives the operator good flexibility when working and also enables its movements to be very precise. In addition, the drawbar pull has been upgraded to 22,700 ft lb at low speed. For maneuverability, the machine has three steering modes. Manitou North America; 800/433-3304; www.manitou-na.com

Repair Mortar
Longer Working Time
VersaSpeed LS is a multiuse, rapid setting patching and repair mortar that has a longer working time than its sister product, VersaSpeed. The new product requires only the addition of water. It is formulated to provide a cost efficient solution for making horizontal, trowel-able, and form-and-pour repairs to concrete surfaces. The repaired area can be opened to standard tire traffic in approximately five hours following the final set, and an epoxy coating can be applied after five hours at 70? F (21? C). The Euclid Chemical Co.; 800/321-7628; www.euclidchemical.com

Self-Leveling Underlayment
Applied over Metal Framings
LEVELROCK Brand CSD (Corrugated Steel Deck) floor underlayment is a new self-leveling cement underlayment that is designed for use in buildings with light-gauge steel frame construction. It is the first poured underlayment that can be applied over metal framing systems or corrugated steel decks, says the maker. The underlayment features a proprietary gypsum-based concrete formulation that offers high compressive strengths, but is up to 55% lighter than 3-in. concrete. United States Gypsum Co., Industrial Products Division; 800/487-4431; www.levelrock.com

Safety Earmuff
With Audio Input
This electronic noise-canceling safety earmuff is suitable for the light construction industry. The NoiseBuster ENC provides complete protection from low-frequency noise generated by engines, motors and fans. It also features an audio input capability so that a user can hear music from portable devices while working. Noise reduction rating is 26dB when worn over-the-head and 25dB when worn behind-the-head. Pro Tech Communications Inc.; 203/226-4447; www.protechcom.com

Metal Connector Nailer
Hard-To-Reach Areas
Designed for use in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, the new MCN150 metal connector nailer�s lightweight, compact design allows a contractor to navigate around and between obstacles nimbly while performing overhead applications without pause. The tool is less than 10.5-in. tall and fits easily between boards placed 12 in. on center. Its in-line magazine fits into 90? angled corners for added maneuverability. It also features a precision trip mechanism for exact placement of the nail into metal connector holes. BOSTITCH, subsidiary of The Stanley Works; 401/884-2500; www.bostitch.com

Building Inspection Camera
Detects Invisible Problems
The new 7815B infrared camera is like an x-ray machine for building diagnostics. It combines the highest-resolution microbolometer camera in the industry with a visible light camera and laser target dot to make professional thermal imaging point-and-shoot simple. It can detect air infiltration, moisture intrusion, mold and other problems. When used with the R-value calculation ThermalSpection software, it makes it easy to produce clear professional reports, even calculating heat losses and current R-values of walls, doors and more. Mikron Infrared Inc.; 888/506-3900; www.mikroninfrared.com