Coil Anchor
With Durable Coil Anchor Spacer
This new 3 / 4 -in. x 21 / 2-in. coil anchor is used in the support of EFCO Cunningham parking garage deck panels. The anchors are cast in the ceiling of the parking garage. Since many applications require the coil anchor to be spaced 3 / 4 in. away from the face of the concrete for corrosion or fire-proofing reasons, the manufacturer also has introduced a new 3 / 4 -in. coil anchor spacer that threads on the outside of the coil anchor. The spacer is durable, made of hard plastic and may be reused. EFCO Corp.; 515/313-4212; www/

Help for Pouring Concrete Walls
Manufacturer introduces three new products to help contractors pour concrete walls more efficiently. They include the Footing Keyway screed, a patent-pending corner tie and the extended bridge ledge system. Another product innovation is an extruded filler panel. This form panel is produced by extruding the face-sheet and two side rails into a single component, offering the user a stronger single-panel option. Durand Forms Inc.; 800/545-6342;

Depression Deck Systems
Replaces Wood Forming
Crete Forms is a system that replaces traditional, costly woodforming, used to construct concrete depression-forms and podium decking. It is made of galvanized steel, is easier to install and is left in after the concrete pouring. The system helps eliminate expensive repairs of spalled concrete, bolt straightening during or after the pour and the labor in removing traditional wood forms. Crete Forms Inc.; 608/877-9378;

Circular Forms
Adjust to Any Radius
Arcus is designed for circular structures such as parking deck ramps, wastewater tanks or sophisticated curved architectural elements. The product is easily adjustable for radius ranging from 9 ft on, according to the manufacturer. It can form circular, oval, elliptical or snaking walls. In addition, Arcus features pre-assembled standard panels with plywood sheets and has a maximum concrete pressure of 1,250 psf. Also, panel connection is by means of the Uni-assembly lock. MEVA Formwork Systems Inc.; 866/367-6382;

Custom Forms
Bridge Work
Manufacturer of custom form products produced casting machines that were used for the Interstate 95/295 segmental bridge construction in Jacksonville, Fla. Three types of casting machines were used. Each machine was built from steel plate and structural members in slightly different designs. Manufacturer’s line features climbing forms, column and capital forms, median barrier rails as well as a complete system scaffold and access scaffold line. Lenstar Welding & Fabricators Ltd.; 905/738-2339;