High-Pressure Pump
Dual Impeller System
The QP-305SLT is a 3-in., high-pressure pump with an 11-hp Honda GX-340 gasoline engine. It has a maximum shut-off head of 328 ft with a top pressure of 142 psi, making it the company’s highest head unit. The pump moves up to 145 gallons per minute and has a dual impeller system to generate higher pressure. It is suitable for wide range of applications—from home use in high-fire areas to washing heavy equipment in the field. Multiquip Inc.; 800/421-1244; www.multiquip.com

Concrete Pumps
Shotcrete Placement
The King Cobra is designed for high-volume shotcrete, structural concrete and grout pumping applications. Two models are offered to suit specific maximum material output. The pump’s heavy-duty dual piston incorporates a full-flow s-tube material valve with reversing capabilities and includes only two wear parts. The unit’s components are mounted and stabilized on a wide-axle trailer frame. Airplaco Equipment Co., a division of Mesa Industries Inc.; 888/349-2950; www.airplaco.com

Diaphragm Pump
Adjusts Automatically
This ODS air-operated diaphragm pump is designed for water/wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial applications. The pump will automatically adjust the stroke rate to change the flow necessary to meet the parameters of the application. It also will adjust the pressure settings required to meet the system needs as the flow changes, says the company. The operations personnel determine the system operating requirements and load the information into the panel using a keypad. Dorr-Oliver Eimco; 610/740-1015; www.glv.com

Concrete Boom Pump
Modified Pedestal Design
The 58-meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump has been modified with a new TRDV 250 pedestal design. The pedestal design is modular for better serviceability and it allows easier setup and a more simplified operation, according to the manufacturer. Also, a new optimized outrigger design has been added to help maximize the strength and stability of the unit. Triple-telescopic front outriggers now stow between the front axles and feature a short slewing cylinder. During setup, this allows the front outriggers to swing out within a tight 45� angle and then extend. Putzmeister America; 800/884-7210; www.putzmeister.com

Wastewater Series
Manufacturer redesigns its mid-range wastewater pump series to incorporate the efficiency and reliability of a one-piece cartridge mechanical seal and closed loop cooling system with a larger hydraulic capacity. The pumps range from 10 to 80 hp with a 4 to 12-in. discharge. The closed loop cooling system, with its continually circulating water/ glycol bath, introduces no foreign impurities or debris from the pumped liquid to clog the cooling channels, cause failure or result in emergency maintenance. Pumpex Inc.; 908/927-0800; www.Pumpex.com.

Dri-Prime Pump
Diesel Engine or Electric Drive
The HL160M, a single-stage pumpset capable of heads to 600 ft, is added to the manufacturer’s Dri-Prime pump product line. With maximum flows to 2,000 gallons per minute and solids handling of 13�8 in. in diameter, this 8 x 6-in. unit is capable of pumping sewage and most solids-laden liquids. The model automatically primes from dry to 28 ft of suction lift. Mounted on a skid, the model incorporates an integral overnight running fuel tank and lifting frame. Godwin Pumps; 856/467-3636; www.godwinpumps.com

Dewatering Challenges
Manufacturer of a diverse line of high-quality pumps, available in sizes from 2 to 16 in., has documented unique engineering challenges and solutions in Application Engineering Bulletins. Information is presented on many types of dewatering problems and proven solutions. Appropriate project photography is included as well. Thompson Pump; 386/767-7310; www.thompsonpump.com

Quiet Centrifugal Pumps
Low-Tone Muffler
Line of self-priming pumps is available in 2, 3 and 4-in. models. Each unit is fitted with the Robin Subaru EX series overhead-cam engine that provides lower emissions and better fuel economy. Features include an abrasion-resistant, cast-iron, three-blade impeller, as well as a hardened cast-iron volute that withstands debris sucked through the strainer. The pumps also are equipped with a low-tone muffler, a sound-suppressing air cleaner, an automatic decompression, easy-pull coil starter and Hot Spark ignition system. Robin America Inc.; 630/350-8200; www.robinsubaru.com

Mighty Mag Pump
High-Tech Mixes
The Mighty MAG 30HV and 30HP concrete pumps can work in multiple applications such as pressure grouting, slabjacking, concrete restoration and bridge work. The MM 30HV pumps 10 yards per hour and up to 700 psi. The MM 30HP is suitable for contractors requiring higher pressures for low slump concretes, shotcreting and grouting. All pumps have auxiliary hydraulic quick-connect systems for attaching to any Mighty MAC mixing system including both pan and paddle mixers. Magnum Pumps; 866/777-7867; www.magnumpumps.com

Yellow Submarine
Called the Yellow Sub-marine, this 6-lb electric pump is completely submersible and pumps up to 22 gallons per minute. It can be used for emptying flooded rooms, draining and filling tanks, powering fountains and waterfalls and more. The unit pumps dry to 1�8 in. and can fit into 7-in. openings. The Yellow Submarine is powered by a 0.25-hp 115V motor. Stow, a division of Multiquip Inc.; 877/289-7869; www.stowmfg.com