New Generator Series
Rated For Industrial Duty
Porter-Cable Corp., a subsidiary of Pentair Inc.; 800/487-8665;

Crack Repair
Large- and Small-Scale Sealing
SealTight’s cold-applied Sof-Seal is a versatile pavement sealant designed for crack repair and preventative maintenance sealing projects. It also can be used as a pitch pan sealer. Once properly mixed and applied, the product cures to a soft, highly flexible, rubber-like material that is capable of maintaining a sealed joint or crack over a wide temperature range. Sof-Seal is packaged in convenient three-gallon units. W.R. Meadows Inc.; 847/214-2100;

Small Crawler-Mounted Excavator
Big Machine Features
The crawler-mounted Solar 75 V is the latest addition to the manufacturer’s line of hydraulic excavators. This all-new, 17,643-lb, small machine offers digging depths over 20 ft deep and dump heights up to 22 ft, 7 in. The Solar 75 V is equipped with a 1.22-cu-yd bucket and a powerful yet fuel-efficient, Tier II-approved, 53.2-hp Yanmar diesel engine that drives a load-sensing hydraulic system. The machine has a bucket breakout force of over 10,800 lb. In addition, the cab’s low noise design and shock isolating system help keep noise at the operator’s ear at a safe 74db (A) level. Daewoo Heavy Industries America Corp.; 770/831-2200;

Circular Saw Guide
Trolley and Guide Rail
Manufacturer announces the availability of its newest product, the Accu-Guide. This circular saw guide features a lightweight, rugged one-piece aluminum construction. The Accu-Guide is comprised of a trolley and a guide rail that allows the accurate ripping and cross cutting of sheet goods and simplifies a number of other tasks that a circular saw is used for. It eliminates binding and kickback because the saw is locked into alignment to the cut line by the trolley. This enables the operator to stop the saw during a cut to reposition it for better control, allowing safer operation, according to the maker. Industrial Tool & Engineering; 803/648-5933;

Pipe Insulation Product
A new flexible pipe insulation for industrial and commercial applications is available. The Micro-Flex_ CTS V-grooved pipe insulation is supplied cut-to-size and grooved for easy installation over pipes from 6 to 30 in. in diameter. The product is made from semi-rigid fiberglass with a homogeneous, random fiber orientation. It can be used to insulate hot or cold concealed and exposed piping systems with operating temperatures ranging from 0 to 850° F. Johns Manville; 800/654-3103;

Five new generators are equipped with Honda GX engines and advanced design alternators that generate 6 to 8% total harmonic distortion. Models PH350IS, CH350IS, HA450IS-W, H650IS-W and H1000IS-W offer varying power, capacity, a range of electrical receptacles on easy-access control panel and portability options to meet the demands of most commercial construction applications, the maker says.