Mobile Generator: For Easy Transport
T Triton Power; 800-424-0007;

Building Derrick: Dismantles Tower Cranes
TLiebherr Group; 49 7351 41-2330;

Automatic Leveling System: Cold Milling Control
T Wirtgen America Inc.; 615-501-0600;

Compact Excavator: Can Squeeze Into Tight Spaces
T Hitachi Construction Products; 800-675-8459;

Excavator Line: New Models Do More Work, Burn Less Fuel
L LBX Co. LLC; 859-245-3900;

Product Test: Work Sharp Tool Sharpener
T Professional Tool Manufacturing LLC; 800-597-6170;

Elevator: Provides Visible Door Cues
T Janus Elevator Products Inc.; 800-527-9156;

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he 29-kW John Deere rental-grade mobile generator set with trailer offers a full-blown construction site product as well as the ability to be a backup power source for a facility. The generator offers a mobile platform and multiple voltage with the turn of a switch. It is offered with a 2-year/1,500-hour limited warranty, aluminum rust-proof enclosure and a built-in fuel tank, allowing up to a 48-hour run time. It is designed to be quiet, operating at 68 dB, and can be switched from three phase to single phase using an advanced voltage change-over switch. he new 200 DR 5-10 is a special luffing-jib derrick for dismantling tower cranes from tall buildings. It can dismantle cranes in the 300-metric-ton-plus payload category and is very compact, as each of its components weigh no more than 1 metric ton. Standard equipment includes hoisting gear capable of 320-meter-high lifts in single-and double-part reeved operation. he new Level Pro system provides control over newer cold milling machines. The system is highly user-friendly and regulates the pre-set milling depth and inclination electronically. It consists of combinable sensors, a controller unit and an ergonomically designed control panel for the machine operator. he new Zaxis 17U-2 Compact Excavator, an upgrade of the Hitachi EX17U, has adjustable-width tracks and a backfill blade with foldable end sections. Using both features reduces the overall width to 40 in., allowing operators to squeeze into tight spaces. The item offers improved performance specs, rugged construction, more operator comfort, long service intervals and better fuel economy than the previous model. BX introduces the Link-Belt X2 Series of midsize hydraulic excavators ranging from 19 to 33 tons in weight and 1.14 to 2.43 cu yd in bucket capacity. The 160, 210, 240 and 290 X2 models are equipped with a Tier 3-compliant, turbocharged Isuzu diesel engine carrying power ratings between 120 and 207 rpm. The largest engine is a six-cylinder upgrade from the other four-cylinder models and cranks out 627 lb-ft of torque at 1,500 rpm. New electronic controls optimize hydraulic flow for more efficient earthmoving, consuming 3 gal less fuel per hour in some cases. he WS3000 Work Sharp wood tool sharpener is an unusual air-cooled electric-powered tool that takes awhile to warm up to, but users will find that it can deliver outstanding results, even on chisels and plane irons that have seen too much freehand sharpening. The oddest thing about the tool is the tempered glass wheel on which the self-adhering 150-mm or 6-in. pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) abrasive discs are mounted. The wheel does not require maintenance and provides a smooth adhering surface. It turns at only 580 rpm via a 1/5 hp motor to reduce the risk of burning the tool edge during sharpening. An adjustable port under the wheel securely holds blades up to 2 in. wide to receive a precise, square edge. The bevel angle also is adjustable, to 20°, 25°, 30° and 35°, to suit a variety of tools. The sharpener works best on tools that fit in the underside port. Larger ones can be honed on top of the disc using the standard tool rest, but this results in less precise angles, as in freehand work. A slotted plastic wheel and sharpening disc allows a see-through operation for some tools. The WS3000 lists for $199 and may not be for everyone, but many wood-tool users can rediscover what "sharp" really means. he ADA-compliant, Panachrome 3D elevator safety detection system uses infrared light technology, not physical contact, to detect obstructions and direct door movement. In addition, a visual warning system uses red and green illuminated segments along the edges, alerting elevator passengers to door movement. The strips glow green when it is safe to enter and exit, and flash red to signal that doors are about to close.