Welding System
Compact Inverter Package
Manufacturer offers its new Ready-Pak welding system that includes a Power Wave 355 inverter power supply, Power Feed 10 wire feeder, MSP2 control panel, Magnum 400 welding gun, Harris flowmeter regulator, welding cart and some accessories. The Power Wave 355 unit weighs 81.5 lb and is capable of multiple welding modes. It carries a 350-amp output rating at 60% duty cycle and a 300-amp rating at 100% duty cycle. Consumable items, such as wire and safety gear, are not included. Lincoln Electric Co.; 888/355-3213; www.lincolnelectric.com

Vapor Barrier
Applications in 25°F
Building-product manufacturer introduces the new Florprufe vapor barrier designed for use underneath on-grade concrete slabs. The material is reinforced with a nontacky, pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds to liquid concrete as it is poured over the membrane. Florprufe arrives in 4-ft-wide, 115-ft-long kick-out rolls, and the manufacturer says it can be applied in temperatures as low as 25°F. Grace Construction Products; 617/876-1400; www.graceconstruction.com

Power-Return Tape Measures
Five New Sizes
New power-return tape measures feature soft, ergonomic rubber grips on the outside and hardened-steel blades on the inside, according to the tool maker. Four new models in the lineup range in size from 16 to 30 ft, and one metric version accommodates measurements up to 7.5 m. Tape blades are coated with nylon for abrasion resistance. Blade tips feature a built-in shock absorber, as well as a magnet that helps users steady tape on iron and steel surfaces. Klein Tools; 847/677-9500; www.kleintools.com

Crawler Dozers
Updated Engines and Controls
Updated D65 and D85 mid-sized crawler dozers sport EPA Tier-Two-compliant off-road engines and hydrostatic steering for smoother movement than their predecessors, says the equipment producer. As standard, D65 weighs 42,540 lb and outputs 190 hp, while D85 weighs 60,740 lb achieves 240 hp. D65 blades range from 4.8-7.34 cu yd. Blades on the D85 can move 6.8-9.2 cu yd of material. Komatsu America Corp.; 866/513-5778; www.komatsuamerica.com

Heat-Resistant Admixture
Helps Paint Insulate
Manufacturer claims that blending its Insuladd-brand heat-deflecting additive with commercial and residential-grade primer and paint helps reduce utility bills by at least 20% while boosting "R" values of standard insulation by 50%. Insuladd is a blend of three types of tiny ceramic microspheres and was developed originally through a NASA technology and research program in 1995. Retail cost is $229.95 for a 5-gal treatment, and it can be used with interior and exterior paint. Tech Traders Inc.; 772/770-4801; www.insuladd.com

Tubing Machine
Cuts and Prepares Copper
Tool company unveils the new RIDGID 122XL copper cutting and preparation machine that cuts, cleans and deburs 1 / 2 to 4 -in. outside-diameter tubing and reams 1�2 to 2-in. inside-diameter tubing without needing other tools. The manufacturer says 122XL also helps users save time and labor by eliminating the need to revolve a cutter manually around tubing. 122XL is powered by a 1 / 3 -hp, 115-volt, 60-Hz induction electric motor operating at 300 rpm. In addition, a built-in scale facilitates measurement as the unit machines copper tubing. Ridge Tool Co.; 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com

All-Weather Applications
LSO-series inclinometers are ideal for infrastructure work, such as paving, grading, bridge leveling and dam construction, says the manufacturer. The new inclinometers offer comprehensive tilt ranges from �1° to �90° and are housed in aluminum for all-weather use. Operating temperatures range from 0° to 160°F. Units connect to standard DC power sources, and custom readout panels are sold separately. Jewell Instruments; 800/227-5955; www.jewellinstruments.com