100% Cordless
TrimMaster 18 Cordless Finish nailer is an 18-gauge finish system that is suited for a variety of fastening applications, including lattice strip and cove molding, spindles, risers, kneewall, crown molding and others. Unit features depth-of-drive adjustment, a quick-clear nose for jams, two types of no-mar tips and an ergonomic handle. With battery, the nailer weighs 4.9 pounds and is self-powered by a single-stroke linear motion internal combustion engine. The tool drives 5/8 to 2-in. fasteners at a rate of up to three nails per second. PASLODE; 800/837/7123;;

Minimizes Sectional Door Repairs
Made from an extruded vinyl material, the Universal GX-4000 replacement panel can be retrofitted to most existing sectional doors. An interlocking modular design allows for configuring different sectional door panel heights. Panel is available in lengths up to 12 ft, 2 in., and incorporates an integral support system that provides it with flexibility and rigidity, which allows the panel to withstand minor impacts at the loading dock. RITE-HITE CORP.; 414/355/2600;;

Features Hydraulic Steering
New 30-ton D300 hauls its 20.9-cu-yd payload with a 300-hp Cummins MTA 6-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine that produces a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. The front and rear frames are joined together by a heavy-duty universal coupling that allows both articulation and oscillation between the two sections. New 35- and 40-ton models will follow. LBX COMPANY LLC; 859/245/3927; e-mail:;

Reduces Tire Damage
Heavy-duty magnet picks up nails, screws, steel shards and other hazardous metal refuse from as high as 5 in. from the road or floor surface. Unit is available in three lengths: 48 in., 60 in. or 72 in. The magnet is encased in aluminum and is designed for use on general construction sites, trucking terminals, shipping facilities and any other sites where metal debris may wreak havoc. A chain-mount system attaches the magnet to the manufacturer's broom frame system. TRYNEX INTERNATIONAL; 800/725/8377

Manufacturer now produces several grades of high-strength stainless steel rebar designed for concrete reinforcement in a wide range of projects where structures require long-term resistance to chlorides from concrete, road salt and harsh marine environments. Applications include bridge decks, pilings, sea walls, piers, jetties, moorings, parking garages and more. All grades are available in lengths up to 40 ft and diameters from 1Ú2 to 3Ú8 in. CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORP.; 800/334/8324;

84-in. Drum Width
C784 vibratory roller has high vibration frequencies—4,000 or 3,400 vibrations per minute—and increased centrifugal force, which makes it suitable for demanding paving projects. Unit can achieve working speeds up to 4.5 mph while maintaining 10 impacts per ft. In low amplitude, the roller generates 34,655 pounds of centrifugal force; 41,235 pounds in high amplitude. Fifty-four-in.-dia drums help minimize shoving. A redesigned operator's compartment enhances comfort and work- surface visibility. COMPACTION AMERICA INC.; 309/853/3571;;

Self-leveling and Multidirectional
The PM24 multibeam laser plumbs, levels, squares and sets transfer points simultaneously. Increased damping allows the device to stabilize faster and be less affected in vibratory work environments. Unit is designed for single-person operation and can be set up in three seconds. System emits four laser beams at right angles. An integrated stand built into the device fits over drywall tracks. Accuracy has proven to be precise within 1Ú4 in. at 60 ft. Applications include positioning of formwork, ceilings, walls and frames. By pushing a button, four laser beams are emitted at right angles, allowing a single user to plumb, level, square and set transfer points at the same time. Accurate and reliable positioning is done without plumb lines or bubbles, or extra workers. HILTI INC.; 800/879/8000;

With Full-Width Side Shift
New feature allows planer to fully shift left and right, rather than just right, which is the industry standard. A hydraulic drive shaft moves the planer 66 in. from left to right, allowing the unit to maneuver around manholes, storm drains and other obstacles. This feature allows the operator to make three complete passes—left, middle and right— without repositioning the machine. WOODS EQUIPMENT CO.; 815/381/6028; e-mail:

Built into Boom Lifts
Model CST 250 welder is built into manufacturer's boom lifts, thus freeing workers performing overhead welding from having potentially dangerous leads hanging over the platform rails. Unit also eliminates the lost time associated with moving a freestanding welder every time the boom lift is repositioned. CST 250 has a 5-amp to 250-amp range and is available on lifts with platform heights from 40 to 135 ft. JLG INDUSTRIES INC.; 240/420/8727;