Specially Designed Outer Housing

This patented RS8 rock drilling tool, 57.5 in. in length, is designed for use with the manufacturer's Navigator 50x100A, D55x100, D80x100 and D80x120 horizontal directional drills. It is a steerable rock drilling head that uses an 8.75-in.-dia Tri Cone Bit that can tackle medium to hard rock formations up to and over 15,000 psi. Steering is achieved with a specially designed outer housing that allows operation of the tool with any standard drill. Vermeer manufacturing Co.; 888/837-6337;

Eliminates Manual Cleanup

Designated as the Flygt Hydroejector, this mixing and flushing unit is made for cleaning retention basins. It acts as a mixer when water levels are high, keeping solids in suspension so they can be readily pumped away. When basin water levels are low, the hydroejector automatically becomes a flushing device, with water discharged through the ejector pipe in a powerful jet that removes organic matter from the basin floor and walls. The ejector pipe is designed with a large-diameter nozzle to ensure clog-free operation. ITT Flygt Corp.; 203/380-4700;

Oversize Frames/Large Formed Pads

These Anver VPE Series vacuum lifters are designed to help eliminate the labor and danger associated with rigging pipes, vessels and curved tunnel sections weighing up to 60,000 lb. They feature oversize frames with custom pivot points and large formed pads that allow instant attach and release, without part modification such as cast or welded lifting lugs requiring removal and rework. The vacuum lifters are totally self-contained and operate on 220/460V, three-phase power and include a heavy-duty vacuum pump and a warning and control module. Anver Corp.; 800/654-3500;

Offers Longer Boom

The GMK6250-L, a 250-ton all-terrain crane, now features a longer boom and provides a maximum tip height of 370 ft. It is equipped with the manufacturer's advanced Megaform boom, Twin-Lock single cylinder extension and locking system, and the proven Electronic Crane Operating System and EKS-4 electronic load-monitoring system. The GMK6250-L is powered by a 525-hp Cummins N 14-525E engine driving through a five-speed Allison CLT755 fully automatic transmission and two-speed transfer case. Grove; 717/597-8121;

Breakaway Dump/Tilt Tabs

Suitable for contractors, refuse haulers and municipalities, the 14000 Stellar Shuttle hooklift loader system is designed for lifting 14,000 lb using various body configurations. It can load, unload and dump various bodies with lengths ranging from 10 to 16 ft. The maximum dump angle ranges from 50° to 56°, depending on length of body. The 14000 system features new breakaway dump/ tilt tabs that help prevent structural damage if the hooklift is operated out of sequence. Stellar Industries Inc.; 641/923-3741;

Versatile Operation

Manufacturer offers segmented drums as standard equipment on the BMP851 multi-purpose compactor. This added flexibility allows rental centers or end-users to easily switch the working width of the unit between 33.5 and 24 in. Drum extensions align and attach to the drum base with three bolts. The conversion process can take from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on experience. Compaction America Inc.; 309/853-3571;

Dual Mechanical Seal Design

A series of dual-seal, nonclog pumps are added to the company's wastewater pump line. Capable of handling up to 3-in. solids with a maximum flow rate of up to 650 gallons per minute, the pumps can be used in sewage systems, flood and pollution control and general residential and light commercial dewatering applications. A two-vane, semi-open nonclog impeller with pump-out vanes ensures performance at maximum capability. Interon, Engineered Products Division of Little Giant Pump Co.; 610/918-2899;