Work Area Vision System
Improves Worksite Safety
A new machine-mounted closed-circuit vision system helps improve productivity as well as safety on the jobsite. While it is not intended to be used in place of direct views or installed mirrors, the Work Area Vision System enhances awareness of surroundings, work tool activity and changing conditions in the work area, the maker says. The system includes a 7-in. color thin-film-transistor LCD display that gives the operator an increased field of vision in the cab. The camera provides two offerings, panoramic (115�) or narrow (78�). Caterpillar Electronics and Electrical Systems; 309/578-3985;

Core Drilling Tools
Adjustable Angle Column
One new model in the manufacturer’s full line of core drilling products is the CDM-2CSA. This compact drill rig can be mounted by a bolt or vacuum base and is suitable for applications requiring accurate straight or angled holes. The rig has an adjustable angle column that helps simplify angle drilling. This dual-speed 15-amp unit has a 9-in. capacity. With motor, the drill rig weighs 62 lb. Multiquip Inc.; 800/421-1244;

All-In-one MIG Welding Package
Portable Unit
The Millermatic Passport is an all-in-one welding package designed to provide jobsite portability, location flexibility and better welding performance. The package includes an inverter-based MIG arc welding power source, wire feeder, self-contained shielding gas system and gun. The unit weighs 45 lb (56 lb with an 8-in. spool of wire and 12 oz of CO2 shielding gas) and provides 25 minutes of welding time (25 ft of weld on 3�16-in.-thick material with one cylinder of gas). Miller Electric Mfg. Co.; 800/426-4553;

Productivity Jacks
Fully Adjustable Tables
Manufacturer introduces a line of productivity jacks for the precise removal and installation of various vehicle assemblies, including transmissions, fuel tanks and axles. Two models are available, the GUWSFF5 and the GUWSFF20. The productivity jacks can be ordered complete with one of two fully adjustable tables to lift from 1,100 lb to 4,400 lb. The jacks help improve technician productivity when working on a wide range of vehicles, from utility trucks to construction equipment. The productivity lifts have a compact footprint and large polyurethane wheels that roll over all surfaces without damaging floors. Rotary Lift; 800/640-5438;

Boom Truck
With Swing Cab

Manitowoc Crane Group; 717/593-5348; The new National Crane 13100A boom truck is suitable for a variety of applications in the utility industry. It also can be used for jobs such as sign work, roofing and building erection. The boom truck comes equipped with a number of features including dual H-style outriggers with mid-span and full-span capabilities. The 13100A also features an all new hydraulic system for enhanced performance, offering smoother movements and more lift.