Tool System: For Carpenters and Other Crafts
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Vocational Truck: Improved Visibility and Maintenance
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Concrete Pumping Tool: Promotes Safety
T Somero Enterprises Inc.; 800-314-8933;

he ALLASO tool system is an innovative tool system that organizes, stores and transports handheld tools and accessories. The exterior frame and structure is made of industrial-strength plastic that is weather and chemical resistant. The system features removable and adjustable storage compartments, a built-in halogen task light, adjustable handle, large-diameter pneumatic tires, easy assist lift for lifting and loading and built-in key locks for security. It is available in brown, dark grey and black. List price is $199.99. he Set-Forward Sterling heavy-duty vocational truck features an updated look, improved functionality, increased visibility and easier maintenance. An updated quarter fender allows the 111-in. bumper-back-of-cab model with a vertical-frame mounted exhaust to hold up to 120 gallons of fuel while the 101-in. BBC model holds up to 70 gallons. he HoseHog is a combination of advanced technology and old fashion horsepower that performs the formerly labor-intensive task of dragging concrete hose either on elevated decks or slabs on grade. The tool is designed to pick up and move slick line around the pour site, allowing the contractor to place the concrete faster. It has been shown to increase productivity 20%-30%, the maker says.