Hydrostatic-Drive Truck
Compact Design
This all-new 39X hydrostatic drive 5,000-lb capacity truck is compact on the outside yet very spacious inside with sophisticated ergonomics, says the manufacturer. It is equipped with new hydrostatic wheel motors that are built to operate at low speed and higher oil volume per revolution, making the planetary reduction gears at both drive wheels unnecessary. Also, a new low-profile operator station provides easy on/off access. Linde Lift Truck Corp., 843/875-8319; www.lindelifttruck.com

Joint Maker
Adjustable Device
The Notched Wedge joint maker is designed to help solve longitudinal joint density problems on asphalt surfaces. The device mounts on the end of any paver screed to help shape the edge of the mat. Unlike typical square butt joints, the notched wedge joint provides a clearly defined beveled edge that interlocks with the next adjacent lane to provide a very dense, highly impermeable closure. TransTech Systems Inc.; 800/724-6306; www.transtechsys.com

Two-Way Radio for Contractors
Hands-Free Capability
Manufacturer has created the XTN Series of business two-way radios to provide an instant communication network among construction workers. The radios are built to withstand adverse weather conditions, shock and tough drops. The XTN Series features a newly designed chip and acoustic cabinet that provides clearer audio at higher volumes. To keep everyone on the same channel and code, the radios can also be set on tamper-proof manager lockout. The one-watt radios offer a range up to five miles, 200,000 sq ft or up to 15 floors; the two-watt radios provide a range up to six miles, 250,000 sq ft or up to 20 floors. Motorola Inc.; 866/289-6686; www.motorola.com

Propane/Natural Gas Torches
Sleek Design
Manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment introduces the Bulldog HC 1100 C Series torches. The LP propane/natural gas torches are suitable for scrap yard and demolition jobs. They are available in four models and can cut through material up to 14 in. A sleek, low-profile head design with no protrusions allows the tools to move in, out and around tight places. Victor Equipment Co., 636/728-3194; www.victorequip.com

Include Sound Suppression
Two newly introduced breakers, models V46 and V56, are designed for secondary breaking, general rock excavation and concrete demolition applications. They can be mounted on carriers ranging from 27 to 53 tons and from 35 to 65 tons, respectively. Both models are available with Metro Silencing sound suppression for noise-sensitive jobsites. Tramac Corp.; 800/526-3837; www.tramac.com