Offers Low Working Profile

Model XL 3100 features a 190-hp Detroit Diesel OM 906 engine. Available with a 4 x4 or 4x2 undercarriage, the machine can be driven at speeds in excess of 50 mph. The boom moves up, down, from side to side and telescopes, creating a very low working profile to handle jobs under bridges, signs and tree limbs. Model XL 3100 is best suited for excavating, ditching, demolishing, sloping, grading and other jobs. Changeover between attachments usually can be done by one person. Gradall Co.; 330/339-2211; www.gradall.com

Protection In Low-Light Work Areas

The new mini strobe is a personal safety device that heightens the visibility of road construction crews, traffic-control personnel and others in low-light work environments. The device flashes a bright light 50 to 70 times per minute for 72 continuous hours on one D-cell battery. It can be seen up to five miles, depending on weather conditions and line-of-sight. The xenon lamp operates for more than 200 hours before requiring replacement and includes four different colored lenses to meet emergency needs. Ledtronics Inc.; 800/579-4875; www.ledtronics.com

Made from Recycled Automobiles

Universal Forest Products expands its product mix to include XPotential Products, a line of recycled multipurpose impact posts, landscape ties and parking curbs. The products are a plastic composite made with 100% recycled materials including the nonmetallic by-product of recycled automobiles, (the filler) and post-consumer/industrial plastics (the binder). The composite is less prone to chip and crack, has nearly twice the nail and screw retention of other products and can be cut with an abrasive bladed saw and power drilled. XPotential Products Inc.; 800/863-6619; www.xpotentialproducts.com

Resists Kinking, Cracking and Hardening

The smooth, conductive, polyamide core of this paint spray hose handles complex coating materials, such as paints, isocyanates, polyols, solvents and chemicals, as it resists deterioration and static charge. Its double-braid reinforcement of strong polyesters gives the hose medium pressure capability up to 14,500 psi burst, depending on size. The outer jacket is made of strong polyurethane to provide durability, plus chemical or abrasion resistance. The hose remains flexible and easy to handle between -40°F and 212°F. New Age Industries Inc.; 215/526-2300; www.newageind.com

Fully Hydraulic Operating System

Model 125SX features a 1,000-ft lb class hammer. It can be mounted to skid-steer loaders, loader backhoes, small excavators up to 22,000 lb, as well as the manufacturer's standard-duty rock-breaking boom systems. The breaker comes with an energy recovery valve and a built-in pressure regulator. It also has a striking rate of 420 to 800 beats per minute and accepts 13 to 26 gpm of flow and 1,450 psi operating pressure. The working weight of the breaker is 822 lb, with a tool diameter of 3 in. Tramac Corp.; 800/526-3837; www.tramac.com

Parking Lot/Driveway Maintenance

Manufacturer of cracksealing products and accessories adds the new 60 G melter to its line of Magma Series melter/applicators. The 60-gal capacity model has a diesel-fired burner and a low-maintenance 5.5-hp gasoline Honda engine. It uses Cimline's signature heat- transfer oil as a medium to heat sealant quickly and prevent burning or scorching. In addition, the hydraulically operated agitator keeps the sealant mixed thoroughly and an angled loading door allows for quick and efficient loading of the melter without messy and harmful splashing of hot sealant. Cimline Inc.; 800/328-3874; www.cimline.com